Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The moment I open the door, I switch on my radio. Then I do rest of the things. I am addicted to my radio these days. But I never try to understand the songs. What ever, English, Hindi, Tamil or my own Nepal, I really don’t mind. I search some melody. I guess it changes the orientation, the bad shape of mine from the department. Really it keeps me far from all the people called patients and what ever I am doing so called duty.

Recently I watched the movie RACE. That to in the very funny way. I was studying in the library. My friend was so desperate that he made plan in the library itself. We had 15 minutes in hand for the movie to start. Immediately I said lets go. As usual I proved once that I am moody too. As usual I slept in the theatre. This the best part with me. I can sleep any time anywhere, just I need is silence and still environment. I watched the partial movie. Same thing I was doing since ages. Yes I have not watched a full movie so far I remember. Anyway for me movie is just a change of time. I came back and start fighting to compensate the time I gave to my friend.

But suddenly my radio is playing a song from RACE called “PEHLI NAZAR MEIN”. Then I started scratching my head was it from the same movie. I did not noticed and could not make out was it really there. Any way at the mid of this gloomy night I find this song interestingly melodious. Vocal is not bad and damn instrumental. Slow drum and bass. Wow! It’s really great. Then really gave my ears to its lyrics. Does not carry any meaning to my life and resembles nothing but not bad. But it deserves to be the love song. Slightly better than a exemplary love song of the bollywood. I guess I can sleep listening this song if I can download it. But where to store it? My laptop is a big garbage store these days. Its working slow, as slow as me. Don’t know when it will crash and I have to loose my data.. The most precious are my books. Cannot imagine what? If I loose them. Both money and time, a complete waste. At this point nobody knows that I am keeping hundreds of books in my laptop. In fact my lappie caries nothing than my books. The most precious to voluminous. A good collection I have at this point of time. No body in the department knows about my collection. And I don’t want to reveal it. After all I have given my time and money both for it. So I don’t have extra MB for the songs or movies. Better listen from Raaga.com

It’s April 1st or full. Don’t know who will make me fool tomorrow once I wake up. Hey man doesn’t need to make me fool. Remind once again that I am a fool, that’s enough. Haaa haaa… I am a happy creature who loves to laugh alone. Mind it I am not a mad / psycho/ or PAGAL.

Oh almost 3 am. Need to sleep slowly. Tomorrow is operation day. Oh god! Will be free by 6 pm only….

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s.j.simon said...

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