Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Most of the things I was able to manage today. As per my plan

1)I changed my bed sheet. It was almost tricolor. I don’t want to reveal when it was changed last time. Yes I have to accept I am lazy and what’s the harm if I accept I am bit disorganized too. Since last couple of days I was sharing my bed with my books. The corner is full occupied with books. The 1/3rd portion of the length is occupied by my disorganized books. I didn’t want to arrange it because I was used to with the arrangement of books. A complete heavily disorganized yet not beyond my reach and search. I am sure I changed my bed sheet last month and it was complete white. Here comes the reality. The folded portion beneath was complete white. The portion occupied by the books was creamy because of dust and the major portion which was my battle field was creamsih-black. I don’t say it black, because I know I will be hit by the rotten eggs if I say it black. I am scared not because of rotten eggs rather scared of taking bath again.( still i don't cnsider myself dirty) So it was white cream and black (truth reveals finally it was indeed black). Anyway I have changed but my intelligence this time offered to change a dark color bed sheet. For sure I will change it earlier than previous.

2)I wrote a complaint letter to sify too. goes like this..

Dear customer service, sify.

A never complaining regular and obedient customer of your finds sify a hopeless and useless internet service provider both in terms of service and commitments. These are the reasons why I wanted to shift the service provider. Both cable / wireless were frustrating in last few months. Please go through few of your achievements

a) The network keeps going down every hour and many times the whole of weekends

b) No point calling up anyone and waste my energies chasing everyone here.

c) Customer Support is more or less are useless, always talk to forwarding the query to Technical desk and that "We'll get back to you". In the end nothing happens.

d) My demand was to provide uninterrupted net but it was a dream always. Forget about the mentioned speed. The 256kbps never speed up more than 30kbps even in low traffic hour.

e) Renewal again is one big hassle.

f) Sify ppl call up asking about my willingness to renew and even though after mentioning Yes, they are unable to renew because the CTO has no (never has) credit to his account with Sify. And tired of calling the local service providers.

The same amount of hiccups and much more. The problems were endless. So I left sify. Rather kicked it.

But I am not expecting more from this new ip provider too, because every dog has a twisted tail…

3)I am still studying according to my target and will finish by the time I sleep if not I will speed up the gear and try to finish it.

4)shall I consider myself as happy man now?

More than that I imagine how much I will enjoy the fresh bed sheet today. Will sleep like I have never slept such a way before. Good night..

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