Friday, April 18, 2008

many things to do....

Finally the count down begins… years to months, months to weeks and finally days... Coming to AIIMS was a dream.. It was a dream to me and more to my dad… He becomes nostalgic when he starts talking about AIIMS. This was the only place where he insisted me to be. Story behind AIIMS is he was treated here long back the same year I was borne. He was tired of roaming many places and finally landed in AIIMS for his treatment. AIIMS treated such a way that he still is not tired of talking about it. Then made a dream of making his kid a doctor. What a crazy dream. For god shake he is the proud father now. Yes he was happier than me when I came here. Now finally time has come to leave this place if things go smooth and landed safely.

I am revising the things I have already read. But still I find it so new that I have never read it. So funny… it seems my brain is growing old. How long it can be so active. Everything comes to an end. I have less time in hand but what I can do? There are 24 hours in a day. I cannot make it 30. If I am to make, I would have made it 48 hours and night would be of 30 hours. I don’t want night to go so easy. Just like an owl.

What ever comes in between I am just postponing it after exam. My reflexes are so set if someone calls me from back….. oh!! ok ….. after exam. This is the usual first response in my brain. I was going through “to do after exam” list. Thank god I have not written like… food after exam…. bath after exam. Its so funny going through the list….

Oh still can’t forget the librarian staring me. I took out so many books from many places and piled up in my table. What I can do for it? I needed them so took out. But I kept them in same place in similar order to make him happy. Though it was not my job I did it. I know he won’t be annoyed with me. At times I have helped him too. He was one of the few I gave the medical leave certificate for mere back pain??? . Haaa haa this is the best way to make them happy.. And I should not forget he has issued those new books which are not meant to. And I xeroxed them. Is it parasitism? Or symbiosis? Don’t know. Thanks uncle once again for your tricks how to survive comfortably in life? Uncle I could make these people happy - mess fellow, canteen fellow, tea stroller, postman, and shoemaker, librarian, and so on…..and I am happy too. The moment I ask, I get them in my service. Ha ha nice tricks you have shared. Thanks.

What next sleep or study. No no, no books any more…. I sometimes think I should have continued painting in such situation. I am out of sketch frame and form these days. Don’t have that concentration also. No even a single painting in last 3 years!!!!!!. Don’t know where I kept all those brushes, color tubes and pencils. I guess I lost many brushes during Ranchi stay. Even though I will restart after exam…… one more in the lists of to do after exam...

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