Tuesday, November 25, 2008

karam karo...fal ki ichha mat karo

Don’t know why I was late to wake up. The tik tak of the wall clock was not waiting for me nor it stopped at the time I planned to wake up. Time and tide waits for nobody. Moreover, I am nobody…... Truly speaking it was 10 ‘o clock when I could open my eyes. Waited for a while and planned what to do today. There is a narrow range through which I can plan. Leave that book and read this or close this and study that. I have no option these days. When I think I have time, I struggle with the computer and injure the fingers that are already hurt.

Prolong sitting hours of library, the subtle fear of exam and the face of future, all swiftly slap over my cheeks. Reminds me that “kid you are no more a student now.” Slowly my student life is at the end. Morally it is finished. But, the academic seedling inside me always wants to sprout and says keep reading and appear exams. In fact, I cannot imagine life without books. There should be something I could flip at the end of day and sleep. And I would love to read what I want to.

A twenty-four hours day is long sometimes. Especially when you plan something and it turns something else. You do this and this turns that. You mean help and help bites you. Anyway, life is not always same. Emotions are not same. Feelings changes as if the chameleon changes its color. What remains same is the intention, the concern, and the duty. But I believe the same what people say “karam karo...fal ki ichha mat karo”

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What i learnt today ?

Tired and exhausted. Its normal and expected. After all i am not a machine. A short stature, compiled bone and flesh who wish to move till the end of day with same energy. But its not possible. quiet and flat on the bed. continuously watching the ants moving and crawling up. First ignored but how long, can i? Every creature teaches you its features. provided you are positive and shows your participation into it. The life in busy cities, man running in the speed twice as earlier, the cut throat competition. Who cares who is who? sorry i am busy, i am worried, i am tensed, i have to do that, i need to finish it, i am at the verge of danger, i am gone, i am too busy so on and never ending.....

i was watching ants crawling up, no doubt they were heading for a mission. but no matter how busy they were, they just stopped nearby their companion and communicate with each other. May be who knows they exchanged the experience of their journey, who knows they were guiding for the rest of the journey, and may be they are helping others who need to travel a lot to get back. After all life is like a mission, you start the journey, and for sure you will end one day. There is nothing called height cause cliff follows slope the next side of it. Life is like a jungle, the moment you speed up your movement you will touch the center, beyond the center you are moving towards the periphery, not that you are going deep again; truth is you will reach the opposite end of the jungle. but safe from wild animals.

Need to sleep now. but ants taught me a eye opening theme of life. KEEP WALKING, KEEP TALKING NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't behave like a monkey !!!!!!

Most of the time i plan what to do. when it comes for tea and maggie i dont know how it behaves in my mind i end up consuming more than what i am not supposed to. Early morning went for tea and thought will have a cup of maggie. After all this is my routine too.. its one of my planned or unplanned routine. When nothing comes in my mind and acts as a blank i immediately say i need tea now. And when there is tea there is maggie most of the time. Life is not as easy as maggie. Just boil water and pour it in the cup and there prepares your maggie.

But today was not like usual days.I took one cup of tea and asked for a maggie. The man next to my seat also ordered a cup of maggie. Things were undercontrol inside AIIMS where equal number of monkeys stay inside the hostel. Who knows? may be monkeys are more in numbers! I was enjoying my cup of tea, suddenly there came a big monkey from the back and just snatched the cup of maggie. Thank god it was not mine but from the next table. The doc was little nervous, but helpless. He was scared and screamed, but who will stop the monkey from taking his cup of maggie. Any way it was monkeys' share. Interestingly monkey opened the cup and tried tasting it and did not like the taste. He just left it there and peacefully left the place. I realised monkey does not like maggie. But who cares i like it more than the regular meals so i love it.