Monday, April 21, 2008

Typical day

Following similar routine, get up early with irritating red eyes, dry throat, hallucination of being slept or not, illusion of still being in the library. Hurry up and take bath, sit for breakfast, with a cup of tea march towards library. Probably this describes my usual day. Come for food in between and occupy the same chair in the library. Pile up few more books and come to room at around 11 pm and have dinner. Rest for a while and again same chair in the library. Be there till you are irritated with books. Come to the room and sleep at the odd time when the city is ready to wake up. This is how my typical days are. No matter whether it is a regular day, Sunday or funday.

Was going through the previous question papers today. All unexpected and surprising. More of never read and cannot guess and write even a paragraph, forget about pages. God! Cannot imagine the situation where paper would be tough enough to write and hopelessly looking at the ceiling, counting the rotation of fan per minute and attempting the wild guesses. I know same will be the situation but I am helpless.

I am fully recovered from the viral fever I should say. Apart from few sudden whoops my throat is comfortable. This time it persisted more than the time I expected. It warns me the status of my immunity. Stress declines immunity my small brain speaks out. And I nod my head for it, you are right my small brain. Last 10 days left. Days to comprehend what I have studied, revise what have been read, and skip what not to go through though how tempting it would be.

Really, don’t feel like writing any more. .so sleepy…

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