Sunday, August 31, 2008


Travel has always fascinated me. What limits is the alteration in my routine, change in feeding habitus and change of bed to sleep. So what strikes in my mind before going to new places is can I come back same day? If so I never say NO to visit new place.

All of a sudden there was a plan to attend a meeting in Hyderabad. A short travel supposedly to be back same night. So what else should I wait to pack my bag? I immediately said yes I will attend the meeting. New place to visit, air ticket in hand, a booked 5 star hotel room, and a short meeting. I thought I am fortunate amongst few. In a single breath I said yes………

I was interested not because I was going for meeting, but I was accompanying my Prof. who in fact gave me a lucrative offer to attend with him. New place I had never thought of going in near future, no extra and personal expenses, and most of all a 5 star accommodation, which in my real life I would never prefer to stay at all. Because it’s not the requirement for a person like me. With all things in mind I moved to Hyderabad. The flight was punctual so didn’t have to waste time in airport. Brand new aircraft laden with all modern gadgets and of all best food service and of course beautiful crew. What ever the journey was pleasant unlike last Kathmandu visit. The first glance of Hyderabad airport made my eyes open. I thought I am landed in Europe. To clear my confusion there were dark, tall clean shaven people guiding the way in the airport “ sir collect your luggage this way” the typical south Indian accent made me realize that I am in Hyderabad. To be honest I feel depressed to remember my international airport. Could not resist myself clicking in the exit of Hyderabad airport. Then we were taken to the hotel which was one hour far from there. The vicinity of airport made me realize it is possible to convert the desert into greenery. It was in fact a desert converted to greenery, wide dust free roads, properly arranged holding boards, fully electrified and decent traffic made me realize the contrast from the place I stayed last for couple of years.

The hotel entry is very funny and memorable. I confirmed the arrangement from the counter and they gave me the key, which was just an envelope. Went to the room no 318. Opened the envelope and I found an electronic card inside. Ok so far no problem. Inserted the card in the card slot but there was no response. Did it in the lightening speed and the door was opened. Now the turn was for light. There was no light and I was tired of putting on the whole switches inside my room. Again with desperate mind I came closer to the door there was another place to swap the card and my room was electrified like a thunderstorm. Cause I had already put on all the switches. I was smiling at my ignorance. I could have asked for assistance from the reception but I refused because I wanted to do it my own way. I was trying each knob and handle possible inside room and bath room to train myself. To learn with experience is better than learning anyway. This was my motto. Since I don’t know, I should accept to learn either self of from other. My experience of five star hotels since childhood is different and funny. My inquisitive childish brain asked one fellow how is five star hotels superior than others. Star for me that time was a dim light in the sky in the night. And how could I find the real meaning of a five star hotel. That gentleman told five Star hotels provide you anything you demand and charge from you. My next question was, if they don’t have the goods then how will they provide? To prove his gentleness he replied they have helicopters and they can immediately bring it. I satisfied myself since it was a age I used to scare from bus. Since then my understanding of five star hotels is to relate it with prompt service. Even though they have to start their helicopters they are ready. My eyes always searched the helicopters whenever I passed nearby a big hotel assuming it to b a five star. But poor me never saw helicopters taking off or landing at five star hotel. This is what I was memorizing inside hotel. The wrong information and its perception made me laugh and I broke the silence inside my room.

After a while I went for lunch. Since the meeting was in the same hotel I had half an hour left to start. After lunch they started with the introduction. All big names and their associates in the field of joint replacement. I thought nothing to worry but what I need is exposure. I need to know people form different corner, who is who?

The day one ended after seven followed by gazal night cum cocktail and finally dinner. The part of the joint replacing society was drunk and unsteady at their joint though it was a healthy joint. After dinner I entered my room hoping to enjoy the five star sleep in the five star bed. Though I was about to sleep I was constantly searching my own pillow, own bed sheet and own surroundings. Though dirt or dusty own bed is superior than five star for a kind of satisfactory sleep that one expects after a tiring day.

Another day started after eight after decent breakfast. Best thing I like was a coffee break in between. It was so planned because most of the people delivering lectures were foreigners. Had it been a national faculty, it would have been monotonous and boring lectures. Around two they finished their presentation. We went for lunch and were ready to leave the hotel. Cause we were already late to check out.

One thing I learnt is people have tremendous faith over AIIMS. They are ready to listen you. Who ever you are, people will give their ears to you. Its up to you whether you want to spellbound them or make them run away. It was almost four o’ clock when I left hotel. It was my hard luck the car driver said sir tyre got puncture on the mid way to airport. He was calling hotel again to call car from them. I thought it will be late by the time car picks me up from there. So I asked the driver to arrange cab for me whom I will pay. Reached the airport and took a deep breath, a breath to appreciate Hyderabad airport, to share my happiness after attending a meeting, and hoping to reach Delhi soon where my room was waiting to hug me. Room showed its anger for leaving it in dark for nearly two days. The punishment was it hugged me so tight I was strangulated. I cried but did not show my tears. Hey room you are my five star hotel. My bed you are not less than anything else because I can sleep the way I like. Don’t worry I have finally come back.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh God ! library is closed today....

Few occasions one would like to see during AIIMS stay is a closed door of library. The library with more than one lakh books and journals is 24 hour running library, a new kind of its own in the medical institutions of the country.Though the condition of library has deteriorated but still it is maintaining the tradition of opening in odd hours to odd days. There are in fact few days in years where library is closed. Else it opens continuously.

For me library is as good as my room. Many days and nights I have devoted there. Whether I have time or not I reach there daily to satisfy my incompleteness. Whether I am in good mood or not I prefer to sit there. It keeps me far from the people I don’t want to encounter, keeps quiet from people I don’t want to talk and puts me in the state of rest which itself is good physically and mentally.

This library stay has put me in the state of mental peace. I don’t need to explain people what I was doing, what I wanted to do and more so I can enjoy my time the way I would like to. Sure it keeps me far from the discussion, comments, politics, involvement and participation. So I don’t mind if I can read or not. A feeling of well being is always there in my mind if I visit library. It’s almost next to visiting temple for me.

Early morning I found my library is closed. What a surprise! I stressed my head what is today. Oh god it’s Independence Day. I came back half heartedly. Thought why not to capture a picture of it? It’s like an eclipse for the regular visitors, so called “the true librarians”

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Don’t know how my day begins. Sometimes with phone calls, sometimes with messages. Sometimes with the noise by my neighbor doc and sometimes by my room mate. Interestingly the smoke half of it he consumes and half he leaves for me. It’s not my wish whether I want to inhale or not, but i have to. There are few occasions where I wake up at my own after adequate rest. I know night is the time for rest but it’s not true for me. I want to enjoy night whether I read or not. I really don’t want to let it go soon. So I try to play with it till late or till I get fatigue. The typical day begins with irritating eyes and congested eyelids. I know I am not sleeping adequate but I cannot sleep more than that. Cause I hate the passive phase of life. I remember the story, when Graham Bell invented the telephone and kept it for exhibition in front of the so called authority he was said “yes you have done a great job but I wonder who will use it”. Now I wonder who is not using it.

These days my life is limited to a place where people gather to enhance their performance. Where books of dad’s era are kept and the new are ordered but not yet reached. Surprisingly I am staying more in library not by choice but by compulsion. I am jobless but why to waste time. Why not to utilize the way I like or the way it suits me. Not sure I am a qualified doc or not but the medical institute says I am a doc and has given me a A4 size printed paper stating I can practice the medical knowledge I have gained. Surprisingly, they have also given me the degree that I am an orthopaedician who can play with normal, near normal or abnormal bone. I wonder why they have given so early because I need to learn a lot. There is no place I can return my degree and continue my residency but can just wait for the license to give me a job. Really am I a jobless? Or I am not getting a job of my preference. It’s correct any way for the people of various school of thought.

My typical days start with library chair. These days it’s crying like anything. My chair and my position are very constant. If I am not found in that chair meaning by I am not in the library. I have a special section of my library, a small wing of it where books of my interest are kept. I know I am lazy so I don’t want to move here and there to collect book that hunts my head. The early morning for me and mid day for general population starts with full energy and magnetism. I remember what I read. Sometimes like a photocopier. As the day passes by I act like a stupid or say moron. Don’t remember what I am studying. The long sitting hours trouble my back my legs and neck. Still I fight to those and keep sitting. I change my position off and on to comfort myself but how long? I act very gentle in the beginning with the proper students posture rather a doc’s posture. Slowly I come to a student’s posture. Finally to the poor posture and at the end the posture of my own which gives the emmense pleasure? The antisocial posture gives relaxation to my body and mind at the end of the day. Out of those the most pleasurable is collect some books and pile it up and lie down and sleep there. Snore till you are disturbed by the fellow colleague. ha ha...