Sunday, March 30, 2008

happy sunday

Every body is busy in AIIMS. Today is Sunday. My laundry is hi-tech. Carries N series nokia cell. “Hey man! Come and collect my clothes from room no-----” he says “sir there is nobody working today. Same will be the situation whole week”

Shit man! what I will do then. Everything is messed up in my room. Checked if something clean left to wear. Oh god! There are few. He gave me a brilliant idea. Sir if u can wash the clothes I will get it pressed but will take 2 days. Oh god I don’t have time to go out and give it to other laundry. Sad mind same mood. Washed few of the clothes any how. Though it is not the first time I am doing. But doing after a long gap. Thanks everyone who taught me to wash clothes and thanks to my laundry for giving me this opportunity of memorizing the past learned habit, a positive reinforcement.

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