Thursday, April 24, 2008


Activity is life. However, not always true. You are passive, breath just sufficient to sustain life, doing nothing and utilizing the energy stored earlier in the active phase of life. That is what hibernation is. If I remember it correct, what was taught in lower classes of biology? Frog is the typical example of it I guess.

Once I need to be in the same vegetative state of hibernation. Nevertheless, where to go. Only place I can hide myself in the quite environment is library. At least no gossips, murmurs, backbiting and leg pulling. I remember the last incident that always warns me not to sleep in the library. Slept in the library hands folded and head rested over forearm. Woke up after one hour or so. I found my part of right hand dissociated from the body, senseless, fatigued and not moving, and slowly current like sensation, which persisted quite longer than my science expects. This is what people call funny bones, if I am correct. That incident warns me not to sleep in the library. And I have never slept after that.

Yes, I am almost hibernated in library since long. I need to focus over what is important, what minimum is and what is expected. Need to sense what is probable also. This way I can save my precious time and energy. No more blogging. Should sleep now……..

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