Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God

Oh God! What a headache, ear ache or it’s simply a toothache. An intense pain in the mandible arouses me early morning. Not even a half the duration of my disturb sleep cycle. I am sole responsible for this. I have terribly arranged tooth as if somebody has punched and took out my loose tooth in childhood. None occupies the proposed position. Alignment problem, malocclusion and carries. What do I need more to invite frequent pain and tongue bite and check bite? This is the reason I prefer rice than chapatti. Many a time I bite my cheek and leave it as such. A vampire like tooth of mine is troubling me once again.

People say the wisdom tooth grows by 20’s. But still I lack one. I never found it growing. A small rudimentary tooth at the corner of angle of mandible gives me a suspicion for being my wisdom teeth. Could be the reason I am still not sensible and mature. Cause I lack wisdom teeth. Haaaaaa.

I don’t have time to treat it. Being a bone setter this unique bone does not fall into my territory. Otherwise I could have done something innovative to it. I don’t need to run for dentist now. The most expensive treatment is free of cost to me. Hey Sis! your decision was not bad. It’s the age of tooth, eye and ear, and so on….but Sis I am doing what you have warned except those cups of tea and coffee which you think is the main culprit. I am sorry I cannot leave without them now. Antibiotics pain killer mouth gargle and correct way of brushing, all I am doing as if it’s my tooth. But sorry, I am consuming same amount of tea and coffee. Less tea more coffee and less coffee more tea. This is how I am balancing myself. Thinking pain I feel like quitting everything. But the reflexes become slow once I am late to consume coffee. I am very badly addicted these days. I must think over this issue once I am finished with this stress business. With adequate analgesics I am comfortable now.

Oh almost 3 … need to sleep. Don’t know my teeth may treat me bad early morning and disturb my sound sleep….

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