Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cried a lot this year.....


was preparing for MS exam and everywhere i was giving my attendance as EG PG. Hey people not familiar with medical vocabulary find it as "Exam Going Post Grad". Meaning by, anyone can try their immense knowledge upon these poor creatures by firing question. And being single in the unit my installment was more comparing the the other two colleague in another unit. so was crying for all non sense questions. In fact how much we could read in active duty periods even before exams. So was crying:(:(:(


No way the situation was comfortable. so was continuously crying :(:(:(


you feel like crying when somebody doubts your intention, that was never meant the way it was perceived. Did not cried for it but felt sorry.


Month before exam and not yet prepared the way one expects will not leave your eyes dry. definitely wet. but no tears from the eyes, determination prevails.


The tears of happiness rolled down from eyes the day i could perform well in exam and the same day i was declared pass. The final result burst tears into my eyes. whole face was swollen. The happiness amongst family and friends made me cry though no body heard the sound.


Did and independent Lattismus Dosri flap in a tumor defect around neck and shoulder. The drain from the wound got dried with in few days but my eyes kept discharging for some more days. The reason why i could do it was the matter i was crying for. The faith upon me pour gallons of tears. Being a junior resident still in this month did an independent THR, which was no less than a miracle. tearless eyes but cried :(:(:(


Got a Degree but not the fellowship that i was interested in. Tried crying but before i could stop myself got the another job. Was not happy with that and left the first day. Almost resigned just before appointment. ha ha ha


Got the job happy but not up to mark. was satisfied for what i was learning out of my work but not happy for the way i was learning things in life. once again :(


Was stable in job and study. The most productive month i should say. But the mid and end was so devastating still crying. one day and many incidents. could not meed my senior from college whom i respect for her guidance, when she was in Delhi and even after proper plan to meet her. Canceled it considering important meeting sad people rather than happy people. sad self and could not meet the another sad just because sad makes you sad. God Knows voluntary, involuntary, conscious, subconscious. Matters for those whose innocence drive sensitivity. Any way it matters for those who knows what pain is.:(:(:(


Similar incidents, same days in calender but life tells this is not the way to life life. live king size as usual but was helpless so :(:(:(:(


Resigned job as it was not giving time for myself. But the resignation is not yet received and still getting salary. crying for bosses keeping such deadly faith upon me. DOnt know what i did so good for them. may be who knows in the earlier life i must have pleased them. crying crying crying reason don't know why?


Appeared exam at the worst possible situation ever in life. Though the DNB holds no meaning to me but tried it. But how the situation engulfed me GOD knows. writing for 6 hours for daily for two successive days without getting an hour sleep. Cried praying GOD for not helping me in worst situation. convinced very well that god sends somebody to help no matter it is the mdnight!!! But taught me how to handle life in worst situation.

whole lot of cry is dedicated to myslef and those who are responsible for it:(:(:(

life is not only about crying, smiled and laughed in the same year for achieving the most respected degree from AIIMS and knowing best creatures like CAT... thanks GOD for everything

Smiling though not happy....

Hey people! looking at me from far or near could you please notice the change in me?

Yes ! that means I could not hide my expressions in my expressionless face. I am failed this time. cause generally i would be able to do so. The one very close to me would not be knowing my mood in many occasions.
No !!! that means I am bond again.

Even with so much of pain and wound inside, i was living a normal life and i let it know to myself. Is not it funny? Anyway i am changed and changed is not perceived for a while. ha ha does not mean that i was doing some magic, or disguising myself. Nothing but and added benefit of having expressionless face god has given to me. Thank god it helps sometimes saying i am fine! hey nothing wrong with me and nothing but crying in the corner to blow out the lung.

Life is funny. everything bites. dogs, cats, tiger, lion,and FRIENDS too...

Finally books are back home....only left is me here....





Hey people out there don't laugh at me for my busyness. In turn you may ask what the hell I was busy for? yup ! i was busy for collecting empty cartoons for packing my books. only one general store and the season of leaving hostel!!! imagine the importance of empty cartoons... its like searching diamond in the coal mines. you know its there but keep searching.I am not boasting my brain but very funnily speculated the general store in front of girls hostel must be keeping empty cartoons. There is no reasonable reason behind it but just my assumption that being few to leave hostel this time there must be adequate empty cartoons. Immediately got the many so as i could be proud of myself. Then comes the rope to tie the packed books and the packing tape. some how i could manage it and started packing around 8 pm and could finish it by 11 pm. I always consider myself that i was a slow learner. same goes here. i started arranging books in the order i was comfortable. but what my comfort can bring to me is just mere satisfaction but how to accommodate all books in the minimum space would be the policy. what i follow later doing lot of mistakes and destroying packing tapes and tying ropes. i hesitate to learn from mistake but i learn immediately from my mistake. its that easy i don't want to prove myself idiot, so i correct it in blink of time. Finally i took a deep breath and counted all seven(7) heavily packed cartoons. six consisting of books and one clothes. And finally the photo session as usual and again being proud of buying Nokia 72 though old it may be. ha ha ha . If possible i would attach myself in the movable camera to capture myself. how funny it would be to look at our own idiotic behaviors all day.

Next day i called the bus fellow and told there are 7 cartoons filled with books. he yelled and opened his mouth as if i can never make it close. RS 2000 to keep it in the bus, and no responsibility. They will not close it or pack it if the custom office opens to check it. They are not at all responsible for delivery, receive at your own risk. and many ifs and buts. And most memorable event was one cops came and said you need to pay 500 for sending it, else you open it and show it right now. ha ha ha.... how funny the cops was. he was demanding an open bribe from me for sending my own used and read books to Nepal. That too in the central Delhi. who nowhere is responsible to check. curiously i asked does he comes every day? bus fellow replies they earn more than us with no investment. I could understand the misuse of power by then. A click from far is here to enjoy how mad he was to collect money from every passenger for carrying some boxes, cartoons or laguage.

With much difficulty i could say at least i won the battle. Had i been carrying it in the flight i would have been captive myself. After a delay of 12 hours my books safely arrived to the bus stand in Kathmandu, where my brother was waiting as if i have send some jeweleries. In fact it was no less, but the irresponsible bus staff made him so worry he reached much earlier than the expected time. He called the very moment. yes got all 7. I again took deep breath, this is perhaps the last time at least for my generation. Don't know about who follows me from next generation seeing me pale, tired, exhausted, old, bald, and someone who lost everything in time when he needed the most.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Coffee, toffee and five rupee……..

I can not imagine a day without tea or coffee. I can stay without food but when it comes for tea or coffee I am very disciplined. The regular and cyclical order follows; it is a phenomenon in my body now. Three years back Nescafe used to charge five and four Rs per cup of coffee and tea respectively. Honestly speaking Nescafe tea seems to be synthetic and coffee seems flavored that’s all. Forget about the material and quality they are selling the trademark in water cheap price. However, for a gone case like me, whose routine neither starts nor ends in time, Nescafe has become the complimentary in odd hours to satisfy the tea carvings. My reflexes slack down and appears black in front of my eyes even a slight delay is not addressed properly.

The 20% hike in coffee and 25% hike in tea has made us conscious not for the money we pay but for the quality they are serving. When ever you ask for coffee they will say “give change” if you say sorry they will return whatever change they have like 1 rs 2 rs coin and some chocolates. So, with every cup of coffee you are bound to buy some toffee in Nescafe these days. What a joke you have to pay for their hopeless coffee and the same time useless toffee. They did same thing to me last night. A chocolate with one cup of tea.

Early morning I was sure I will do something very funny. Went to Nescafe and said “one cup of coffee please”. Just before I could finish, he said “give us a coin ’’. I said don’t worry. Immediately took out five Rs note and gave it to him. He said one Rs more. I took out the chocolate from my pocket and gave along with 5 Rs note. He was speechless and was looking at me as if I have slapped him. Took out the phone and clicked it. I could see him sweating from forehead at least. Clicking photograph had really made him conscious. I thought I succeeded though jokingly, but perfectly.

Monday, December 22, 2008


For the last few days, I am enjoying my days as if I am dying the next morning. However, the independence that I pamper will never repeat in my life I guess. I have just finished the DNB exam. I am not bothered about the result and by the time, the board publishes the result I would almost forget that I have appeared for it. One thing I am sure is DNB is tough than MD MS exam. May be it is my personal belief. It is possible because they pass the limited number of students. In addition, you should be very fortunate to clear the written and clinical exam at one go. Any way who knows the fate! Who we are to speculate our own fate?

Interestingly I am sleeping like a pig. I get up just before my body warns for the pressure sore to develop, just prior that I wake up and plan for what plan I have today. I am aimless and workless. Not robbed the job, rather wanted a break. Very funny thing of this week is I got a call for interview from Vadamalayan Hospital. They short listed the candidate from the CV posted in and send the interview call. Since I was not interested with further India stay I left it. Do not know what they saw in my CV and they are ready to pay so much. Any way I am going back to my place. 10 years is too long to stay outside home.

Early morning I see my books and gets confused how to take them back. I don’t want to travel by train and I can not afford for the flight. I can barely afford the flight for myself but not for the books. Per kg they charge 100 plus and books are double my weight. What a joke? A poor 1.4 kg brain is tortured to read those many books that too a lifetime in installment. And the older it becomes the more it should bear. And we feel elated for knowing the facts out of the pages underlining with many possible color until they are readably visible, and that’s is the higher education and a crap written A4 sized post graduate degree.

Clothes as usual will not be a problem to take back. I know there are very few and amongst them, I wear the few. Rest I will call all the mess BUTRU and offer them. “First come first serve”. I still remember my best jacket that I gave to the mess boy in Ranchi, I really had an emotion attached with it. I know I made the every fibers cry after using it for 6 years. Thanks China for making such a durable jacket and making me feel happy for buying it.

So books are not he issue, clothes are not the issue then what left. Some of the gifts, mementos that my friends gave to me. Oh, these are the things I should really be worried for. I want them scratch less and will take every bit of it. So a handbag in the flight will serve the purpose. Oh! the sea of emotion is still left, my laptop. The cheapest in the market 3 years back never troubled me. There was not even a single moment I was disappointed with it. From thesis to e-books, songs to movies, internet to voice calls I utilized it more than anything, with no why what which, everything it memorized. It’s full now with books and slow. However, with the recent up gradation to its RAM it has shown it’s fullest. Thanks ACER for producing such a beautiful piece, which made my life easy even without going movies to the theater, going out and roaming aimlessly, surviving happily with thin wallet, cutting phone and SMS bills, and in fact with your presence I never felt that I need some one to talk in this so called lousy happening place. Thanks ACER for being so faithful.

The most of all is the certificates. Now I have too many originals certificates, right from school that does not exist in this earth now. Remember the college from where I did my plus 2 is at the verge of extinction. I am sure RIMS the then Rajendra Medical College and Hospital and AIIMS will not follow the same course. One way I consider myself very lucky that I went to both the medical schools in India which was a twin project from the grant of Newzeland Government. However, RIMS is facing some problem regarding MCI recognition every year. Similar is the problem in AIIMS the unnecessary hassle by the ministers and politicization here has forced to loose many of its senior faculty. Long live all my academic temples! Any way I will carry my certificates in laptop bag that is safe.

Finally I am worried about the new place I am going to join. I hope I will be somewhere in kathmandu. Tired of playing with my keyboards. Good night.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

POGO the egg lover...

Recently I saw Tibetan Mastiff while I was on the way to IIMC. It reminds my dog back home. I was in a hurry else, I would have stopped the auto and looked at it or else clicked a picture of it. The interest towards any dog is my weakness. The proper look both on height and weight was the catchy feature of that mastiff. Mastiff by enlarge are ugly looking and reflects dirty nature, but when properly trained and groomed they are sober and friendly. Honesty is the prime concern. Unlike others they are not so lazy though they are slow learners. Phoochu is a similar type, Slow learner yet clever. I wonder why it could not gain height. May be we missed something in its care. Alternatively, another possibility may be he was not the true breed.

Evening time, I was going for tea. Meet POGO and it came to greet me. Always moving tail and ever ready to bite puts me in stress that someday I need to vaccinate myself. Any way it was expecting something from me. Looks healthy these days but must not be getting proper foods of its choice. POGO is very fond of eggs. Very funny and greedy dog of our campus. Some how I played for a while. But, today I noticed something unusual in its ear. It was not normal looking ear. Don’t know somehow looks like a cross breed of mastiff. Long slender and hairy at the end. May be I am biased seeing Mastiff, but its not at all normal. Next time I will see it in details.....

Friday, December 05, 2008


...........AND IN NO TIME IT WAS EMPTY.....

I know i am very fond of TEA and COFFEE. What made me eager to ask for a cup of milk is really something unusual i could not understand. may be they say that a warm cup of milk weans off your tiredness. In fact i was tired, but not that i was dying. Adrenaline in my mind was still holding me upright. I took it and marched towards the park. A plastic cup that too papery thin, and just boiled milk in it. What else do you need to say that it's a torture to you. I was hurried towards the chair in the park so that i can save my cup, milk in it and most important my fingers from getting scalded. Here comes the climax of the event. I could see some milk being drained from the bottom of the cup. I was hopelessly helpless. I knew that i could not even take a ship of it and in no time i would loose entire milk. Then i asked myself what can i do? I was practically numb. I remembered the childhood incident when one of my friend pushed me into the water, considering i cannot learn swimming unless i get inside the water. I just pushed myself in GOD's hand. Didnt even thought of struggling, but once water gushed inside my mouth i started fighting to come out of it and i could happily do it. Same was the situation. I had no option of going to canteen and changing it in another cup cause i was too far and the speed at which it was being drained was a minute job to drain off completely. So i kept watching it and said every drop is written in destiny for whom it is. But with in seconds another brilliant idea sparked into my mind "if i can click it i can better enjoy it". And my cell phone really made me proud that even though its a second hand it served me here as the brand new. After a pause of another few seconds i could see the empty cup in my hand. I took a deep breath and praised myself for buying the slightly better cell with camera which in reality made it possible to enjoy the beauty of the event whenever and where ever I wish to..... NOKIA-72 JINDABAD.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Time to pay respect...

For every big mission the idea generates amongst few people initially but later the support will be such that it can shake the whole nation. "Give me blood, i will give you the nation". Very rightly said young blood can do whatever is not possible. Let's pray, may all soul rest in peace who ever died in Mumbai terror attack. May God give tremendous strength to all who lost their near and dear ones not to be panic. May god give the tears of pride for those who lost their brave commandos' of home and nation both. And please god give us the realization that this particular terror has come to an end but not the terrorist. AIIMS called everybody to pay their respect and tribute to all who lost their lives in such brutal attack. Long live everybody.





Words of wisdom.

Right words, Right timing, and right place will win everything. No matter how worse the situation is. Few lines in an old page in the corner of a notice board made me think very many things that i was knowing but was not able to realize. Hope the eye opener has done a tremendous job for me. They say even a wall has ear to listen, people its not always true lets consider it has beautiful throat to convey you the message, that you never paid an attention to it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

karam karo...fal ki ichha mat karo

Don’t know why I was late to wake up. The tik tak of the wall clock was not waiting for me nor it stopped at the time I planned to wake up. Time and tide waits for nobody. Moreover, I am nobody…... Truly speaking it was 10 ‘o clock when I could open my eyes. Waited for a while and planned what to do today. There is a narrow range through which I can plan. Leave that book and read this or close this and study that. I have no option these days. When I think I have time, I struggle with the computer and injure the fingers that are already hurt.

Prolong sitting hours of library, the subtle fear of exam and the face of future, all swiftly slap over my cheeks. Reminds me that “kid you are no more a student now.” Slowly my student life is at the end. Morally it is finished. But, the academic seedling inside me always wants to sprout and says keep reading and appear exams. In fact, I cannot imagine life without books. There should be something I could flip at the end of day and sleep. And I would love to read what I want to.

A twenty-four hours day is long sometimes. Especially when you plan something and it turns something else. You do this and this turns that. You mean help and help bites you. Anyway, life is not always same. Emotions are not same. Feelings changes as if the chameleon changes its color. What remains same is the intention, the concern, and the duty. But I believe the same what people say “karam karo...fal ki ichha mat karo”

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What i learnt today ?

Tired and exhausted. Its normal and expected. After all i am not a machine. A short stature, compiled bone and flesh who wish to move till the end of day with same energy. But its not possible. quiet and flat on the bed. continuously watching the ants moving and crawling up. First ignored but how long, can i? Every creature teaches you its features. provided you are positive and shows your participation into it. The life in busy cities, man running in the speed twice as earlier, the cut throat competition. Who cares who is who? sorry i am busy, i am worried, i am tensed, i have to do that, i need to finish it, i am at the verge of danger, i am gone, i am too busy so on and never ending.....

i was watching ants crawling up, no doubt they were heading for a mission. but no matter how busy they were, they just stopped nearby their companion and communicate with each other. May be who knows they exchanged the experience of their journey, who knows they were guiding for the rest of the journey, and may be they are helping others who need to travel a lot to get back. After all life is like a mission, you start the journey, and for sure you will end one day. There is nothing called height cause cliff follows slope the next side of it. Life is like a jungle, the moment you speed up your movement you will touch the center, beyond the center you are moving towards the periphery, not that you are going deep again; truth is you will reach the opposite end of the jungle. but safe from wild animals.

Need to sleep now. but ants taught me a eye opening theme of life. KEEP WALKING, KEEP TALKING NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't behave like a monkey !!!!!!

Most of the time i plan what to do. when it comes for tea and maggie i dont know how it behaves in my mind i end up consuming more than what i am not supposed to. Early morning went for tea and thought will have a cup of maggie. After all this is my routine too.. its one of my planned or unplanned routine. When nothing comes in my mind and acts as a blank i immediately say i need tea now. And when there is tea there is maggie most of the time. Life is not as easy as maggie. Just boil water and pour it in the cup and there prepares your maggie.

But today was not like usual days.I took one cup of tea and asked for a maggie. The man next to my seat also ordered a cup of maggie. Things were undercontrol inside AIIMS where equal number of monkeys stay inside the hostel. Who knows? may be monkeys are more in numbers! I was enjoying my cup of tea, suddenly there came a big monkey from the back and just snatched the cup of maggie. Thank god it was not mine but from the next table. The doc was little nervous, but helpless. He was scared and screamed, but who will stop the monkey from taking his cup of maggie. Any way it was monkeys' share. Interestingly monkey opened the cup and tried tasting it and did not like the taste. He just left it there and peacefully left the place. I realised monkey does not like maggie. But who cares i like it more than the regular meals so i love it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Days are not same throught years, though we wish to be always favourable for us. Dont know why i am not comfortable in theatres. I am not so comfortable in OPDs too. May be i want to do what i wish to and somehow it is not getting done. The exam badly knocks me. Its so close that i cannot think of going far from it to save myself. I guess i am on the highway to hell once again. TO appear examination without proper preparation is just like gambling, win if you can else you are bound to loose.

But the exam recently i gave was total blank. I appeared without preparation. I had a false but high hope that i can manage to pass. It shows my stupidity and proves once again i am a last minute guy. Exam that i am supposed to appear 3 and half years ago, exam that gives the registration no to practice medicine, and the exam that prevents me from any legal hassles in my profession and i was due withi it. Considering all those i declear myself a stupid last bencher as usual. An odd self styled moron who does not know a stitch in time saves nine? One of my known layer told me the consequences of not getting registered in medical council. He says my no. will be the recent one and the junior will become senior according to the date of registration. promotion in government set up mainly affects me if i have a late registration no. But as usual who cares???????? I didnot get the appropiate time and i didnt appear. let the juniors be seniors again who cares!!!!!!

I dont know how arround 100 people failed in such a silly paper. Failure means not able to practise medicine. What for they have given their five and half years of precious life and the productive periods? i was sure that i will fail but reading the questions i felt i would have passed it had i been few more yeras late to appear.

Issue is not the exam that already has cleared my path. what strikes me is the path i want to pave. My preparations are not upto my expectations. I thought i will finish the syllabus by october but dont know how many days i am far off. I dont know where i missed the time table. May be the working hours are too sternous that i am not able to give my full energy to my studies. study needs devotion and i am half heartedly devoted these days. Any way i will get time now onwards to study the way i wanted. They say it is never late to start however late you have started. cause once you have started you will count as few more to go. so to start is to finish half way. i guess i should me more positive to finish in time. happy studying........

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wow! the rare surgery...

Voluminous books and small brain, what to read and what to remember? Various surgical procedures and various results, which one to do and what to follow? More than that is the surgeon’s experience and preferences. For what he is comfortable and what is his limitations? If any one is sure about his expertise, one can do any surgeries. After all who so ever has described the procedure must have done hundreds of such surgery, however difficult it may be!

Our team was prepared for once in a life time surgery in the theatre. All were busy since last few days to sharpen our surgical intellect. Two teams for two different surgical sites of same limb. Last night we were almost awake planning the surgery. Every 4 members were busy finding and collecting what is available from various publications. Thanks for providing the recorded similar surgery, though the surgery was done somewhere in Europe. Old CD and low quality print, still the theme and message was clear. Surgery was all about a middle aged man with osteonecrosis of left femoral head. And plan was core decompression and vascularized fibula grafting. This was one of the most difficult and challenging procedure for such cases. This was not only a challenge in soft tissue handling but also demands microsurgical expertise. The vessels of barely hair like are sutured with a thread barely visible with naked eyes and blood flow across it is ensured.

The anastomosis is most challenging, time taking and tiring too. This must be the reason for not doing this surgery everywhere. In fact, when it was posted for surgery everybody was doubtful for it’s completion. Yesterday our team discussed the entire procedure. Though I am not a regular member of the team, I was called to help them with my little knowledge of microsurgery with small slender steady hands. This strongly inculcates me to become a micro surgeon. Though orthopedics does not demand such perfection but if one has great tissue handling quality, nothing like it.

Big boss and me one team and young boss and my senior colleague another team. Big boss being hand surgeon once again proved his vast experience and perfection. My assistance spared the time and we could finish our part in 2 and half hour. We took 15 cm fibula with a long vascular pedicle of 7 cm. Finally at the end of 4 hours another team finished the dissection around hip and isolated the required the vessel for anastomosis. Core decompression was done and fibula was inserted gently and fixed with K wire. Half of the job was done. What left was vascular anastomosis. Too thin artery and collapsed veins, God it’s very difficult to anastomose vessels without microscope. And I had no loop for magnification. But for me there was no problem to identify lumen and thread. May be my eye sight is adequately corrected or overcorrected!

Finally big boss passed on suture. Single suture and he says laxman occupy my place and assist to get other. Saying so, he left the theatre. I was then assisting our young boss. But we did the anastomosis under operating microscope. Wow! Great experience, at the end of arterial anastomosis the artery started pulsating as if a small round worm moving or crawling. This is what we were eagerly waiting. Though it was my second time triangulating under microscope I did not feel like I was doing for second time. Confident and smooth movements of my hands confused me how it is possible? I thought I could do micro surgery if I am trained properly.
Finally at the end of 7 hours we finished the entire procedure. We all had a terrible back pain because of awkward posture both in standing and bending. We were trying to make the position comfortable but nothing worked well. May be it was the first time so we could not fix in comfortable position as it should be. Even after a hurting back, empty stomach and dehydrated mouth we all were happy cause the surgery was being done for the first time and it was successful.

At the end of day I barely can stand for a while but was smiling for being an important member of micro-orthopedic surgical team. I am happy not because I saw the rare surgery, I was happy that I was contributing a lot to it. On top of that we four were operating and our junior and seniors were watching the surgery and enjoying. Who knows they may be thinking AIIMS makes everything possible………

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Travel has always fascinated me. What limits is the alteration in my routine, change in feeding habitus and change of bed to sleep. So what strikes in my mind before going to new places is can I come back same day? If so I never say NO to visit new place.

All of a sudden there was a plan to attend a meeting in Hyderabad. A short travel supposedly to be back same night. So what else should I wait to pack my bag? I immediately said yes I will attend the meeting. New place to visit, air ticket in hand, a booked 5 star hotel room, and a short meeting. I thought I am fortunate amongst few. In a single breath I said yes………

I was interested not because I was going for meeting, but I was accompanying my Prof. who in fact gave me a lucrative offer to attend with him. New place I had never thought of going in near future, no extra and personal expenses, and most of all a 5 star accommodation, which in my real life I would never prefer to stay at all. Because it’s not the requirement for a person like me. With all things in mind I moved to Hyderabad. The flight was punctual so didn’t have to waste time in airport. Brand new aircraft laden with all modern gadgets and of all best food service and of course beautiful crew. What ever the journey was pleasant unlike last Kathmandu visit. The first glance of Hyderabad airport made my eyes open. I thought I am landed in Europe. To clear my confusion there were dark, tall clean shaven people guiding the way in the airport “ sir collect your luggage this way” the typical south Indian accent made me realize that I am in Hyderabad. To be honest I feel depressed to remember my international airport. Could not resist myself clicking in the exit of Hyderabad airport. Then we were taken to the hotel which was one hour far from there. The vicinity of airport made me realize it is possible to convert the desert into greenery. It was in fact a desert converted to greenery, wide dust free roads, properly arranged holding boards, fully electrified and decent traffic made me realize the contrast from the place I stayed last for couple of years.

The hotel entry is very funny and memorable. I confirmed the arrangement from the counter and they gave me the key, which was just an envelope. Went to the room no 318. Opened the envelope and I found an electronic card inside. Ok so far no problem. Inserted the card in the card slot but there was no response. Did it in the lightening speed and the door was opened. Now the turn was for light. There was no light and I was tired of putting on the whole switches inside my room. Again with desperate mind I came closer to the door there was another place to swap the card and my room was electrified like a thunderstorm. Cause I had already put on all the switches. I was smiling at my ignorance. I could have asked for assistance from the reception but I refused because I wanted to do it my own way. I was trying each knob and handle possible inside room and bath room to train myself. To learn with experience is better than learning anyway. This was my motto. Since I don’t know, I should accept to learn either self of from other. My experience of five star hotels since childhood is different and funny. My inquisitive childish brain asked one fellow how is five star hotels superior than others. Star for me that time was a dim light in the sky in the night. And how could I find the real meaning of a five star hotel. That gentleman told five Star hotels provide you anything you demand and charge from you. My next question was, if they don’t have the goods then how will they provide? To prove his gentleness he replied they have helicopters and they can immediately bring it. I satisfied myself since it was a age I used to scare from bus. Since then my understanding of five star hotels is to relate it with prompt service. Even though they have to start their helicopters they are ready. My eyes always searched the helicopters whenever I passed nearby a big hotel assuming it to b a five star. But poor me never saw helicopters taking off or landing at five star hotel. This is what I was memorizing inside hotel. The wrong information and its perception made me laugh and I broke the silence inside my room.

After a while I went for lunch. Since the meeting was in the same hotel I had half an hour left to start. After lunch they started with the introduction. All big names and their associates in the field of joint replacement. I thought nothing to worry but what I need is exposure. I need to know people form different corner, who is who?

The day one ended after seven followed by gazal night cum cocktail and finally dinner. The part of the joint replacing society was drunk and unsteady at their joint though it was a healthy joint. After dinner I entered my room hoping to enjoy the five star sleep in the five star bed. Though I was about to sleep I was constantly searching my own pillow, own bed sheet and own surroundings. Though dirt or dusty own bed is superior than five star for a kind of satisfactory sleep that one expects after a tiring day.

Another day started after eight after decent breakfast. Best thing I like was a coffee break in between. It was so planned because most of the people delivering lectures were foreigners. Had it been a national faculty, it would have been monotonous and boring lectures. Around two they finished their presentation. We went for lunch and were ready to leave the hotel. Cause we were already late to check out.

One thing I learnt is people have tremendous faith over AIIMS. They are ready to listen you. Who ever you are, people will give their ears to you. Its up to you whether you want to spellbound them or make them run away. It was almost four o’ clock when I left hotel. It was my hard luck the car driver said sir tyre got puncture on the mid way to airport. He was calling hotel again to call car from them. I thought it will be late by the time car picks me up from there. So I asked the driver to arrange cab for me whom I will pay. Reached the airport and took a deep breath, a breath to appreciate Hyderabad airport, to share my happiness after attending a meeting, and hoping to reach Delhi soon where my room was waiting to hug me. Room showed its anger for leaving it in dark for nearly two days. The punishment was it hugged me so tight I was strangulated. I cried but did not show my tears. Hey room you are my five star hotel. My bed you are not less than anything else because I can sleep the way I like. Don’t worry I have finally come back.