Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reading but not studying.....

I left the library half an hour early. I am tired I know still I cannot control myself from logging into the net once again. Once I log in, I check few of the blog my friends write. Few news channel site and orkut, yahoo and hotmail. I am a hotmail man. The old is good. Apart from sending attachment I hardly use gmail… I created yahoo to talk back home and few friends. if not I talk to them, they mind and scold me like hell. So still my hotmail is far from the junk mail.

As usual I was in operation theatre. I came to know that our internal examiner has just changed. Don’t know? Does it matters in our exam or not! What ever there is no point discussing it… but these days my brain is really occupied with exams. This is the first time I guess a lot of impact is there because of exam. I tried hard to take it casual and be cool as I used to be. But still the frequency somewhere slips and I found myself failed to set back in the track. There is nothing new. Life has become so sooooo boring I find nothing to write.

Back home there is election after 3 days.. I am least interested in politics. But this time I am taking some interest. There are few candidates whom I have heard are in the field. Who so ever wins does not make a difference to me. But my heart wishes them a good luck. Sometime I imagine will a time come and my country will prosper? Will we be called a citizen of a developed nation? Don’t know its not my subject and why should I scratch my head for no reason.

Dad is not feeling well I guess so he called me in the odd time. I know we both are suffered from same disease. Neither he tells that he is in the odd situation, sick or tensed nor I let him know how I am going through. Why should I let them know what I am going through and what exactly the residency is? It quadruples their worries. For them residency is part of education as it used to be a school life. But another part of the coin he is unaware of it. It’s almost the end of it so why to make then into this hopeless issue. As far as brother and sister in law are there I need not to be worried. I know I should give time to them but I am sandwiched in between the department and exam these days.

I guess I need to sleep… must have to wake up at 7 tomorrow.

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