Monday, December 22, 2008


For the last few days, I am enjoying my days as if I am dying the next morning. However, the independence that I pamper will never repeat in my life I guess. I have just finished the DNB exam. I am not bothered about the result and by the time, the board publishes the result I would almost forget that I have appeared for it. One thing I am sure is DNB is tough than MD MS exam. May be it is my personal belief. It is possible because they pass the limited number of students. In addition, you should be very fortunate to clear the written and clinical exam at one go. Any way who knows the fate! Who we are to speculate our own fate?

Interestingly I am sleeping like a pig. I get up just before my body warns for the pressure sore to develop, just prior that I wake up and plan for what plan I have today. I am aimless and workless. Not robbed the job, rather wanted a break. Very funny thing of this week is I got a call for interview from Vadamalayan Hospital. They short listed the candidate from the CV posted in and send the interview call. Since I was not interested with further India stay I left it. Do not know what they saw in my CV and they are ready to pay so much. Any way I am going back to my place. 10 years is too long to stay outside home.

Early morning I see my books and gets confused how to take them back. I don’t want to travel by train and I can not afford for the flight. I can barely afford the flight for myself but not for the books. Per kg they charge 100 plus and books are double my weight. What a joke? A poor 1.4 kg brain is tortured to read those many books that too a lifetime in installment. And the older it becomes the more it should bear. And we feel elated for knowing the facts out of the pages underlining with many possible color until they are readably visible, and that’s is the higher education and a crap written A4 sized post graduate degree.

Clothes as usual will not be a problem to take back. I know there are very few and amongst them, I wear the few. Rest I will call all the mess BUTRU and offer them. “First come first serve”. I still remember my best jacket that I gave to the mess boy in Ranchi, I really had an emotion attached with it. I know I made the every fibers cry after using it for 6 years. Thanks China for making such a durable jacket and making me feel happy for buying it.

So books are not he issue, clothes are not the issue then what left. Some of the gifts, mementos that my friends gave to me. Oh, these are the things I should really be worried for. I want them scratch less and will take every bit of it. So a handbag in the flight will serve the purpose. Oh! the sea of emotion is still left, my laptop. The cheapest in the market 3 years back never troubled me. There was not even a single moment I was disappointed with it. From thesis to e-books, songs to movies, internet to voice calls I utilized it more than anything, with no why what which, everything it memorized. It’s full now with books and slow. However, with the recent up gradation to its RAM it has shown it’s fullest. Thanks ACER for producing such a beautiful piece, which made my life easy even without going movies to the theater, going out and roaming aimlessly, surviving happily with thin wallet, cutting phone and SMS bills, and in fact with your presence I never felt that I need some one to talk in this so called lousy happening place. Thanks ACER for being so faithful.

The most of all is the certificates. Now I have too many originals certificates, right from school that does not exist in this earth now. Remember the college from where I did my plus 2 is at the verge of extinction. I am sure RIMS the then Rajendra Medical College and Hospital and AIIMS will not follow the same course. One way I consider myself very lucky that I went to both the medical schools in India which was a twin project from the grant of Newzeland Government. However, RIMS is facing some problem regarding MCI recognition every year. Similar is the problem in AIIMS the unnecessary hassle by the ministers and politicization here has forced to loose many of its senior faculty. Long live all my academic temples! Any way I will carry my certificates in laptop bag that is safe.

Finally I am worried about the new place I am going to join. I hope I will be somewhere in kathmandu. Tired of playing with my keyboards. Good night.


ron/e said...

Oh, its heartening to hear about your last moment stay in India..So many of my friends have left, but since you would be going so far away from us that it seems sad..Ya your apprehension combined with grief can be felt..Happens, but it goes enjoy till 2nd jan.
hey, I am sure u dont know that girl..she was of seno didi's batch and rarely ventured out of her room.

moon's muse said...

awww...such a lovely and nostalgic post.i could so relate to that packing and carrying back all your luggage(read books books and books)as i recently shifted back home after a five year stint in hostel.

ur on mark with the laptop too.isn't it a wonderful thing:)

Bone fixer said...

Thanks ronie and moon.

ronie! would like to inform you that my jounrney is late by 5 days because of the Convocation, which is on 7 jan. so i have a flight on 8th. hope that's the final.eeeeee

moon thanks for sharing your feelings. yup a hosteler that too a medical student will understand the pain of a hosteler. any way i could pack up everything and send it via transport today. will update with pics some other day.