Thursday, October 30, 2008


Days are not same throught years, though we wish to be always favourable for us. Dont know why i am not comfortable in theatres. I am not so comfortable in OPDs too. May be i want to do what i wish to and somehow it is not getting done. The exam badly knocks me. Its so close that i cannot think of going far from it to save myself. I guess i am on the highway to hell once again. TO appear examination without proper preparation is just like gambling, win if you can else you are bound to loose.

But the exam recently i gave was total blank. I appeared without preparation. I had a false but high hope that i can manage to pass. It shows my stupidity and proves once again i am a last minute guy. Exam that i am supposed to appear 3 and half years ago, exam that gives the registration no to practice medicine, and the exam that prevents me from any legal hassles in my profession and i was due withi it. Considering all those i declear myself a stupid last bencher as usual. An odd self styled moron who does not know a stitch in time saves nine? One of my known layer told me the consequences of not getting registered in medical council. He says my no. will be the recent one and the junior will become senior according to the date of registration. promotion in government set up mainly affects me if i have a late registration no. But as usual who cares???????? I didnot get the appropiate time and i didnt appear. let the juniors be seniors again who cares!!!!!!

I dont know how arround 100 people failed in such a silly paper. Failure means not able to practise medicine. What for they have given their five and half years of precious life and the productive periods? i was sure that i will fail but reading the questions i felt i would have passed it had i been few more yeras late to appear.

Issue is not the exam that already has cleared my path. what strikes me is the path i want to pave. My preparations are not upto my expectations. I thought i will finish the syllabus by october but dont know how many days i am far off. I dont know where i missed the time table. May be the working hours are too sternous that i am not able to give my full energy to my studies. study needs devotion and i am half heartedly devoted these days. Any way i will get time now onwards to study the way i wanted. They say it is never late to start however late you have started. cause once you have started you will count as few more to go. so to start is to finish half way. i guess i should me more positive to finish in time. happy studying........

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