Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Coffee, toffee and five rupee……..

I can not imagine a day without tea or coffee. I can stay without food but when it comes for tea or coffee I am very disciplined. The regular and cyclical order follows; it is a phenomenon in my body now. Three years back Nescafe used to charge five and four Rs per cup of coffee and tea respectively. Honestly speaking Nescafe tea seems to be synthetic and coffee seems flavored that’s all. Forget about the material and quality they are selling the trademark in water cheap price. However, for a gone case like me, whose routine neither starts nor ends in time, Nescafe has become the complimentary in odd hours to satisfy the tea carvings. My reflexes slack down and appears black in front of my eyes even a slight delay is not addressed properly.

The 20% hike in coffee and 25% hike in tea has made us conscious not for the money we pay but for the quality they are serving. When ever you ask for coffee they will say “give change” if you say sorry they will return whatever change they have like 1 rs 2 rs coin and some chocolates. So, with every cup of coffee you are bound to buy some toffee in Nescafe these days. What a joke you have to pay for their hopeless coffee and the same time useless toffee. They did same thing to me last night. A chocolate with one cup of tea.

Early morning I was sure I will do something very funny. Went to Nescafe and said “one cup of coffee please”. Just before I could finish, he said “give us a coin ’’. I said don’t worry. Immediately took out five Rs note and gave it to him. He said one Rs more. I took out the chocolate from my pocket and gave along with 5 Rs note. He was speechless and was looking at me as if I have slapped him. Took out the phone and clicked it. I could see him sweating from forehead at least. Clicking photograph had really made him conscious. I thought I succeeded though jokingly, but perfectly.

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