Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't behave like a monkey !!!!!!

Most of the time i plan what to do. when it comes for tea and maggie i dont know how it behaves in my mind i end up consuming more than what i am not supposed to. Early morning went for tea and thought will have a cup of maggie. After all this is my routine too.. its one of my planned or unplanned routine. When nothing comes in my mind and acts as a blank i immediately say i need tea now. And when there is tea there is maggie most of the time. Life is not as easy as maggie. Just boil water and pour it in the cup and there prepares your maggie.

But today was not like usual days.I took one cup of tea and asked for a maggie. The man next to my seat also ordered a cup of maggie. Things were undercontrol inside AIIMS where equal number of monkeys stay inside the hostel. Who knows? may be monkeys are more in numbers! I was enjoying my cup of tea, suddenly there came a big monkey from the back and just snatched the cup of maggie. Thank god it was not mine but from the next table. The doc was little nervous, but helpless. He was scared and screamed, but who will stop the monkey from taking his cup of maggie. Any way it was monkeys' share. Interestingly monkey opened the cup and tried tasting it and did not like the taste. He just left it there and peacefully left the place. I realised monkey does not like maggie. But who cares i like it more than the regular meals so i love it.

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