Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smiling though not happy....

Hey people! looking at me from far or near could you please notice the change in me?

Yes ! that means I could not hide my expressions in my expressionless face. I am failed this time. cause generally i would be able to do so. The one very close to me would not be knowing my mood in many occasions.
No !!! that means I am bond again.

Even with so much of pain and wound inside, i was living a normal life and i let it know to myself. Is not it funny? Anyway i am changed and changed is not perceived for a while. ha ha does not mean that i was doing some magic, or disguising myself. Nothing but and added benefit of having expressionless face god has given to me. Thank god it helps sometimes saying i am fine! hey nothing wrong with me and nothing but crying in the corner to blow out the lung.

Life is funny. everything bites. dogs, cats, tiger, lion,and FRIENDS too...

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