Friday, December 05, 2008


...........AND IN NO TIME IT WAS EMPTY.....

I know i am very fond of TEA and COFFEE. What made me eager to ask for a cup of milk is really something unusual i could not understand. may be they say that a warm cup of milk weans off your tiredness. In fact i was tired, but not that i was dying. Adrenaline in my mind was still holding me upright. I took it and marched towards the park. A plastic cup that too papery thin, and just boiled milk in it. What else do you need to say that it's a torture to you. I was hurried towards the chair in the park so that i can save my cup, milk in it and most important my fingers from getting scalded. Here comes the climax of the event. I could see some milk being drained from the bottom of the cup. I was hopelessly helpless. I knew that i could not even take a ship of it and in no time i would loose entire milk. Then i asked myself what can i do? I was practically numb. I remembered the childhood incident when one of my friend pushed me into the water, considering i cannot learn swimming unless i get inside the water. I just pushed myself in GOD's hand. Didnt even thought of struggling, but once water gushed inside my mouth i started fighting to come out of it and i could happily do it. Same was the situation. I had no option of going to canteen and changing it in another cup cause i was too far and the speed at which it was being drained was a minute job to drain off completely. So i kept watching it and said every drop is written in destiny for whom it is. But with in seconds another brilliant idea sparked into my mind "if i can click it i can better enjoy it". And my cell phone really made me proud that even though its a second hand it served me here as the brand new. After a pause of another few seconds i could see the empty cup in my hand. I took a deep breath and praised myself for buying the slightly better cell with camera which in reality made it possible to enjoy the beauty of the event whenever and where ever I wish to..... NOKIA-72 JINDABAD.

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