Tuesday, January 30, 2007

viral infection.

For me virus is rabies, rubella bird flu and so on. Virus which infects human are my concern. I was not bothered with computer virus. I was happy when I bought my laptop last year. Laptop was my dream since my childhood. I was impressed looking at my teacher working in a laptop which was no less than a today’s trendy desktop. Still for me it was laptop. I thought I will buy it after joining specialization course. I started collecting money for it. I was so crazy about it i turned into a spendthrift to have it. Ultimately I joined orthopaedics in 2005. The passion in undergraduates turned into necessity by then. I was happy when I installed an original version of Norton 2006 few months back. This gave me an immense satisfaction. I thought one day even we will conquer over most medical viruses like Norton.

There are still some threat viruses in our science. HIV, hepatitis B,C and so on. Having heard of same in computer I was ready to spend a good amount of money for Norton original version. But it all went to vain when I was downloading an article from what I used to call a safe site. Then started my virus chasing mission. I was devoted like I was preparing for an university exam. I was dedicated more than in my MBBS final. I wasted 3 half days for it. Around 12 hours I used to be in the department and half I used to be with my computer. Even in the department I was worried how to chase that virus from the laptop. I was not working full hatred in the department. I slept for total 8 hours in last three days. This reflects my dedication towards the virus mission.

I was not worried about how to remove it but my worry was how to get some missing file back. One of them was my thesis work. And some photograph that I clicked of my patients. Some were rare once in a blue moon you will get to see these patients. I was desperately waiting for one of my patient’s call. Otherwise he used to call me every week or so. But this time he was not calling me. He was a software engg from IIT Delhi. He had a fracture in metacarpal and was under my treatment. But this time when I was drowning there was no hope to catch even a bunch of grass.

I borrowed an external hard disk and saved all my data. Then I was playing confidently with virus. I knew the virus from the security alert. I noted all the spy ware and the popup that were giving the constant threat. Along with spy ware there were some other viruses which attacked upon my documents. I started reading about many viruses and how to uninstall it. Ultimately what I did was I uninstall my Norton and downloaded the free version of AVG and its anti spy ware. But it was not sufficient to remove the popup threat. Some of the threats were constantly hitting my computer. They used to open other links most of them were ads or porn sites. Then a brilliant idea came into my small brain. I installed mozilla firefox and uninstall internet explorer but it was of no use. Then I was focused to remove spy ware. I started searching an efficient anti spy ware. All of a sudden I got Ad Aware SE personal version free to download. I got it and scanned whole computer it solved my worry. There were no more threats later. Still my brain was not constant I was worried about my missing file. I started searching about data recovery software. I got it from my friend and it helped me a lot. Finally I got my data. Virus free laptop but I lost my Norton for which I had paid a lot. No problem I have original software I can install it any time.

This event reminds me my character once again. I was in first year of my MBBS. There was one graph in the physiology book. I was not clear about it. I was in the same page for next 10 days. I studied many books in the library. Still my doubt was persisting. I asked my teacher which he could not satisfy me. I was attending my classes but my brain was constantly in the same graph. Even I was having food my brain was asking hey man did u understand that graph. Ultimately on the 10 day I understood what happens in the graph. So was my character. This is my weakness I should say. I should not waste time. Still I cannot control myself. It happens spontaneously I keep on watching the same problem and finally comes the solution inside me. This sometimes helps me exploring the ideas. But it’s a waste of time too. Virus is virus whenever and wherever it infects it will cause damage.

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