Friday, January 19, 2007

doctor you were great.

11:30 pm i was about to sleep. Had dinner few minutes back. Imagine you have full meal and feeling sleepy. How nice it would be when you get into your bed then. All of a sudden got a phone call REACH OPERATION THEATRE. My Prof at next end -a dead body is coming for bone bank. I am mobilizing all the guys please receive the body and get a consent from relatives before we reach there. Oh god whole night is gone. Again next day we had a routine works.

Reached the theatre nobody was there. Later i came to know that there was a confusion regarding organ donation. HE (who died) had already donated his eyes to one trust and that hospital, where he died, tried to reach that trust but they were too late to inform. Till then they were waiting for cornea retrieval. By the time everything was ok it was too late to retrieve cornea. God vision for two more patient is lost which could have been achieved very successfully.
Then his relatives tried to donate his other organs. Since it was to late other organ donation was impossible. As he died with MI few options were left too. Here i felt a delay of minutes may be too expensive. This was what happened with that case.
So only left was bone. Young patient a doctor by profession died of MI who was willing for organ donation and something went wrong in between and we missed organ retrieval. Its too much i thought.

I finished every formalities. Got a consent from his brother. Informed regarding the procedure and bone what we are going to take out. In mean time our team was mobilized. With proper techniques we could retrieve all long bones of lower limbs and a half pelvic bone of right side. The left side was already retrieved from a last donor. It was treated properly and kept inside a bone bank. By the time we were finished it was 6:30 am.

I thought doc you were great whole life till 30 you struggled to became a doctor. Then you struggled for someone else to make them feel better. And at young age 45 you left with organ that can be of use for the needy . Really doc i salute you from the bottom of my heart.

There are only 2 bone banks in India in my knowledge till now. One is in my institute. Doc thanks for your humanity.

I remember i had donated my both eyes for Til Ganga eye hospital in 1994. 12 years back when i was in class 10. That time i was only aware of eye donation. After being a doctor i came to know that many things can be donated. Thanks doc you have showed us a path. Why not we people start thinking about multiple organ donation which otherwise would be destroyed with life.

Came to my room at 7 am . slept for 1 hour. Reached hospital again for OPD. OPD is finished now. Can’t resist further. I need to sleep now.

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