Monday, January 08, 2007

September, a flashback.....

Though i had written something for september i could not post it. I am very slow in typing and most of the time what i write in paper i loose it. and when i get time i enjoy sleeping as if i am a kid still. here is what ever left from what i have written. many pages are missing many stories are personal . still if u can understand you people are great.

Last month (September) was too busy for me. All of a sudden one of my junior resigned from the department and everybody came into the state of shock.

Though this was not the first time that somebody has resigned. My colleague had also resigned. Reason was same. Workload.

Imagine the work is same and people working for it are less. Though I had already finished the ward posting, me and my seniors were called back to the ward. Ward duty is hectic boring and tiring. Ready to be there at 8 AM and you never know when will you be back to room. And most of the time you will be in the ward only. You will miss breakfast this is very common. Lunch ohhh….. very few in time. And dinner constitutes of everything (breakfast lunch and dinner). You have to listen every consultants. Fulfil all the demands, prepare the case for the theatre and look after all the post operative patients. And if you miss somewhere you will be screwed like anything. Imagine at this age you will be scolded like a …. in front of everybody. This situation really sucks you.this continues for a month. You will feel like banging your head in the wall and repent for studying more and coming to AIIMS. This way aiims is a dirty place.

Whole month was like that. i hardly get time to sleep adequately, no time to had meals regularly and was working like an obedient servant and walking on the toe. Moment they need whatever, laxman used to be there for their work. Sometimes I used to feel to whom I was working ? For the patients or the consultants.

I was working like a dog I should say. Life was running under spinal level. Order – command – work – result – credit . and the credit used to go to somebody other than me. No credits to those who work for whole day and expect something atleast a praise. Nothing. Nothing but a rough and touchy scoldings instead. This is what I was doing a residency.

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