Tuesday, January 09, 2007

phone call..

so tired and slept with shoes on. missed few important phone calls. the last one was special. it was no other than my great FUFU whom i call didi. me and fufu left kathmandu same time.fufaju got Phd admisiion in german and i got mbbs same year . since then none of us were together.

i wonder they have kids too. one can hardly communicate in nepali other in german only. hey what is this. should train properly you kids this used to be my ever complain to her. still both are busy may be the cause. i can understand fufuaju is not well these days so they have calcelled their plan to return. job problem and education to kids could be another reason they don want to be in kathmandu. but fufaju mind it we both are from simple school in kathmandu a government like school. we did so why not they.

finally we came to the conclusion that they will come next year ;early 2008. as usual she gave me another option of gettting married whom they know. beautiful, educated ......so on . i was smiling this time. but not a green signal.

wish if you were with me you would have seen my condition. no time to have food in time how can i think of getting merried .no ..not in the wildest dream even.

its 4 am and not yet slept. have to go at 7 am. lets sleep for hours . but didi i will keep my promise lets be back to our country and we will think about it. bye god night.

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Nirvana said...

Interesting blog. Unpolitical and personal - like mine. Isn't it so distressing to blog... I mean, to write?? Keep it up. You really write well in Nepali. Shud try ur hands in it.