Wednesday, January 17, 2007

life ka fanda.

its been complete 8 years since i came to india. i left home in early 1998. except some government hoidays and breaks i am constalntly in india. for me hindi has become a step mother tongue (not a mother tongue so ..) i start speaking in hindi whenever i met nepalese juniors in aiims too. then i control myself and come back to my mother tongue. this is sometimes awkward. my brain registers hindi language as an usual language. though i was not fond of hindi movies during school life. my hindi exposure started with my college life in india. as far as i remember i spoke in hindi after coming to india only with some exception with "chana chatpati and tarkari bechne bhaiyas" in nepal.
i feel i can speak good hindi. better than our leader who in spite of weak hindi still try to communicate in hindi with hindi medias. hey man why dont you try to speak english or even in nepali. if u cannot reply in hindi/ english why dont you try nepali. its very funny to see nepalese leader speaking in hindi with hindi medias.

it all started with a email from dr niki. dr niki forwarded me a mail. which was as follows.

Life Ka Funda : : : : : :
Zindagi hai to Khwaab Hai
__Khwaab Hai To Manzilein Hai
____Manzilein Hai To Fasaley Hai
__________Fasaley Hai To Rastey Hai
_____________Rastay Hai To Mushkilein Hai
___________________Mushkilein Hai To Hausla Hai
_________________________Hausla Hai To Vishawas Hai
_____________________________Vishvas hai to Paisa hai
_______________________________Paisa hai to Shohrat hai
_____________________________________Shohrat hai to Izzat Hai
_________________________________________Izzat hai to Ladki hai
______________________________________Ladki hai to Tension hai
________________________________Tension hai to Concern hai
__________________________Concern hai to a Khayaal hai
______________________Khayaal hai to Khwaab hai
_________________Khawab hai to Growth hai
__________Growth hai to Zindagi hai
______Zindagi hai to khwaab hai
__Matlab duniya Gol Gol hai
Bas ghumnewala chahiye

it was hard core hindi and i could read and understand well. later i noticed oh it was in hindi. it proves if u repeat same thing for long brain will register it as usual events. it holds true. after all its a positive reinforcement shown by brain .

oh its too late. have to go early morning.

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