Monday, January 08, 2007

Page from october.

I found a page from october. probably it was written on october 2nd .I was leaving for kathmandu on 3rd here it goes...

September , a full ass sloughing month month was over. I got a day off after a full busy month

Next day I wish to be in kathmandu. Why not it’s a birth place of mine, where I can find everybody whom I need and want. Hope a safe journey to kathmandu and a safe dasain there. Infact I will be there after a long dasain gap. Almost a decade I guess.

But one more thing I will miss is tihar. The festival of light I will miss in kathmandu. I have to come back to my college just in the dawn of tihar. I am not here in tihar for a decade. really I am misising all the events and food out there in kathmandu. I will compare the kathmandu then and now . must be the same kathmandu with all cemented forests and some new faces heading to jorpati . As jorpati is good for cheap land and land with adequate water in her womb. I don’t wonder if somebody calls it a 76 district. You can find anyone from any district. Whether rich or poor. Everybody is invited in jorpati. The earlier called a charghare. Only four houses of rijal were built in the mid of the paddy field. Now more than 400 houses must have been built in near our vicinity.

What ever it is its my birth place. I should reach as early as possible.
Jai jorpati.

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