Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy me...




Life is challenging though funny many times. I am taking round alone with medical officers and interns. However, I was consultant on call earlier also but the Saturday is the first time I am on call. Saturday is holiday and the big boss of morning round is no other than me. ha ha ha.

I was proceeding and medical officer tried to give some unnecessary information to save his ass leaving the responsibility to juniors. I said whoever does, its not issue, if not you people I will do it. But, it should be done. Same time I was smiling for what he was trying to do. I memorized my residency and compared how people changes with time. Our colleague used to do same thing and consultant used to screw our ass publically.. However, I always took my responsibility and said sorry but no excuses. Today I gave them the space to face responsibility not that I scolded like hell. Let us see how people react to it. Definitely, these juniors will not put me on the topic and abuse me in tea time. If at all I will be discussed I will be discussed with reference of my parent institute. See the difference he is from AIIMS, but funny thing is same things happens in AIIMS too. ha ha ha

Was having lunch and got a call that a precious child during delivery got his arm fractured while the gynecologist was applying force to deliver him out.. These days my brain is storming with these precious child things. Went to the ER and tried doing new to him so that he suffers less and fracture takes its better shape. Immediately came to room and searched the literature. Its not a common fracture that one can say do this way and it is best. People have tried their knowledge but all have union since the kids have tremendous capacity to heal themselves be it a bone or soft tissue. Tried to give splint to the limb but found it will loosened with time once the child starts moving limbs. I was reluctant to put U slab/plaster because the child skin is so soft it peels like potato with plaster. So I wrapped the upper limb with adequate cotton to the side of chest and strapped with bandage and adhesive tapes. Got the x-ray and its fantastic. Remodeling in children is so much that small deformities are corrected with time. And our’s was a minimal deformity after strapping. Abundant cotton will keep the baby warm too.

The tragedy started after that. Gynecologist had already discharged the patient since the child was delivered yesterday . Since it was male child the pampered parents wants to go home today and celebrate with the relatives and neighbors. Feel pity for them being proud of producing male kid. The mother burst into tears that she wants to be in home for her comfort. She hates to be in hospital. I convinced stay for 2 weeks in hospital and we will discharge. But she was sure she can come after week or so. I called her after 2 weeks so that by the time it will unite. Only concern is the cotton gets loosened and deformity may progress. Hope the mom can still maintain the position so that the kid is least disturbed. Praying for the god for his best outcome with the less deformed arm. There are few moments where I feel proud of being a doctor. Its one of them……..

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ansari said...

nice to see you on ur blog. I hope u r enjoying ur life. Yet not got ur form.