Thursday, January 15, 2009

hello hello hello....... I am back....

Dated 09-01-09
All the people in Delhi I miss you all, esp S:). I reached safely. Though it was very difficult to get the returning ticket, the flight was almost empty. There were only 25 passengers though the capacity of the Boeing was 180. This reminds me why the government owned airlines collapses. People say THAI and RNAC were started on same day but see THAI and RNAC, its nowhere we can compare man. Similar was the condition of Srilankan airways, but once it was owned by AIR France it has gained momentum and it’s probably the best now in south East Asia.

Since I came home, I have become a foodie. I don’t mind if I gain wt by few kilos this time. Cause I can gain a victory over weight so its not a problem for me to reduce weight as and when required. The whole of my intestine has probably turned greenish this time. I don’t mind to have any green vegetables now, only criterion is it should be cooked.

I have just finished the medical council work. Got all the papers to practice as a bone fixer in Nepal. Paper wise I have already joined the medical college but the presence is necessary to raise my counts in meter, a meter that determines my salary. Again I have to open a bank account, wherever I go I open an account. So far, I must have so many accounts that it is difficult to remember the signature and pin code fir ATM cards. In this era of inflation and regression, I sometimes doubt why money is not safe if they are kept in home too. So why to open a bank account? But poor me what I can do if they ask a bank account. Whatever, money makes you slave and you will be ready to open even two bank accounts if required.

Will meet the nation’s best orthopaedicain on Sunday morning and discuss with him if there are chances to stay back in kathmandu. Else, I will continue with what I have done in MCOMS. One year is what I need to do what I wanted to. So MCOMS is not a bad option at this phase for me. And I know I am not a bonded labor so I am free to move wherever I am comfortable. My time, my comfort, and my expectations are the priority wherever I go.

Kathmandu is freezing day by day. The sudden exposure to cold had made me uncomfortable. Running nose and dry cough has once again troubled me. Heard that pokhara is comfortable than kathmandu climate wise. Even air ticket is cheap to pokhara :D. See you soon pokhara, wish me a good luck guys:):):)

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