Sunday, January 04, 2009

Few words more.....

“3W’s are never predictable” was the favorite slang during undergrad days. If I am permitted, I should explain all 3 W’s first, namely WIFE, WINE, AND WEATHER. Hey, you I am unaware of two of those. Bachelor by choice until now, never drank alcohol in any form, but more interested in weather. However, all three are interrelated. Mainly weather has more justification to both of those they say to satisfy their action. Before you could jump upon any speculation, let me clear about it. I do not want to comment upon WIFE, the novel relationship god has created. WINE I can but I don’t want because it has never attracted me. Only left is WEATHER. Moreover, my few words are incomparable to describe weather where people have tried writing pages and pages since ages.

Last night my knees were so cold that I was barely sleeping. Heater was not working, and I don’t enjoy putting clothes while sleeping. Hey hey hey! don’t say I sleep naked :D Early morning I could feel my knees as a mass of ice covered with flesh. Stiff, creaky, crunchy, and detached. What I mean to say is Delhi suddenly allowed the temperature to drop and as usual I say this winter is the worst winter. Foggy, misty, lousy, lonely, shaky and suddenly arrhythmic.

I am already on the reverse count for my stay in Delhi, better say India. I had a ticket on 4th. Though I planned to leave on 8th after attending convocation. Unfortunately, this convocation was not for us as they informed at the final moment. I cancelled just because I want to meet all who loved me and helped me during my stay. Still few are left to meet so I cancelled the ticket and got it for 7th. So, three more days to go. I feel like staying but time does not allow me. I am finally leaving on 7th. Hey people unaware of my next life, let me share my happiness that I am appointed as a consultant in a medical college in Nepal, consultant orthopaedic surgeon. The happiness is limitless. PLACE, PEOPLE AND POSTING all 3P’s are the best in the place I am going. The mini Switzerland of Nepal I should say, though I have never been there. Last night I was busy googling the pictures from POKHARA( check the pics). For a mad like me, the natural beauty is all, which makes me happy. Happy sleeping, sweet dreams((((

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ron/e said...

Thats a good piece of news, really.
All the best.