Thursday, January 15, 2009

The update....

hey friends!

I am still taking few more breaths in this Earth. Have joined MCOMS Pokhara. For the people unfamiliar to this MCOMS, it stands for meanipal college of medical sciences and located in the beautiful place of Nepal. Nepal itself is beautiful no doubt but when it comes to pokhara its simply beautiful. Not yet explored but what i see is too much. And the place i work is great.
Does not look like a medical college, looks like a corporate hospital. dont know much about the working pattern and culture but must be good, as it is able to maintain the same spirit since couple of years.

Shifted to hsotel and fully started a hostelier life once again. but the new hostel is a different. Not like a usual hostel,i was staying since last 10 years of my college life. hey people the weather is not wild like kathmandu......Anyway happy and confortable......:):):)

Will update with photographs soon.......:)

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