Tuesday, March 03, 2009

God please help me:):):)

how he came to us......all bones exposed in the arm right from shoulder joint, and muscles crushed, nerves unidentified and vascular compromise. Almost dead limb difficult to look at it even with multiple bone fractures. a ray of hope to give life to it. there is nothing more than humanity, only hope that made me to work for hours and hours is the young age. he has long life to go ahead, and he has potential to heal himself if we do it in correct time and correct way. if the limb is 40% useful of its normal, and its his left limb its better than cosmetic artificail limb. keeping all things in mind i devoted myself like a donkey, not listening what others say, be it senior be it junior. i have 2 ears to listen and one mouth to talk.

we did all the experiment to make it viable, i did what i could imagine and what i could memorize. but the only hope is its immediate change of colour towards viability at the end of day. this gives me a smile in my face and finally it has gained the shape of a limb. even it cannot be salvaged, i would be happy to say myself that i left nothing for it.and the relatives know what i have sacrificied for it. hope the poor people's thanks really works for me. God please listen to him, god please listen to his parents and of course me too:):):)

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moon's muse said...

Oh my God!Salute to you sir :)