Thursday, March 27, 2008


7:45 AM.

I am waiting for the breakfast. A Cup of tea in one hand and newspaper in other. Two more doctors arguing. One was asking for few pages from the bundle of paper. Another denying till he goes through all pages. Situation became violent. Both senior than me in the institute. I interrupted in between hey take the whole pages from me yarrr. I will read it in the evening once I come from work. After all it was ego tussle. Both fought (neurosurgeon vs ENT surgeon) and slapped each other. We tried to depart them and situation became normal. This is how my day started. The time one need to remember God, one acting as devil. Well educated and mature, and married but fighting like a kid of school going age.
What I concluded is “mismatch of frequency of ego.” The equal but mismatched ego drives you to the competition. Equal and matched ego brings success. Imagine unequal and mismatched ego. It invites fight. Argue leads nowhere and has no end. Fighting is to accept more challenges in continuity with hurt ego. No way it heals. If at all, heals with ugly scar. So why to fight? Many a times you are unaware, someone bites you back. But most of the time can be avoided if you consider your ego shrunken down before someone tries to stretch it. This is the way I try to manage ego confrontation anywhere. Life is very short to fight.

6:30 pm

As usual 10 hours standing in the operation theatre either actively or passively. Still my heel is burning. My theater slippers are not comfortable. I need to change it. On top of that I injured my little finger. I was stitching and pulled a thread hard, it transversely cut my little finger. It’s liberally deep. Double gloves in my hand still my hands are not protected. But this is not the first time I injured my hand. I am really worried with my soft skin. Injured many time while flipping pages of the books. Mostly pages from new books Cuts like a blade. I am so scared. Thanks God people have made skin stapler. It helps me. My boss was telling you should have opted plastic surgery. Delicate surgery delicate hands. Let it be I wanted to become a doctor with knife rather than a doctor with stethoscope. And here I am.

I need to start my books now. No more blogging. But After writing I feel released. Another way of puting adrenaline to my brain. but never in this wild earth I am a writer.

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