Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This week

events are signs of life..yes my heart still pumps in the small corner of this world called AIIMS. why i came to AIIMS? why i dropped the idea of becoming a physician from USA? or why i choose to become a orthopaedican? for me its as clear as crystal. reason is simple? i am not very vocal. i cannot argue. and i cannot make somebody understand if one pretends of not getting it. i was borne predated and cried late. i somehow escaped the hypoxic insults immediately after birth. thanks god..for making me what i am.. my learning curve is slow but once it goes inside my brain echoes longer. thanks god for making me such a prototype surgeon - slow learner.

these days i am talking over phone for couple of minutes to USA with those who share the same desk in school, same food among friends and YOU... thanks to a site which connects USA to rest 35 countries in an amount of local charges. keep calling..tring tring..

worth to mention was 3 consecutive holidays with minimum work load. nice time to be with books. nice job of a librarian done. almost 18 hours in library. still not tired mentally. but my eyes strain like anything. god no one should be an astigmatic myopic like me.. ask me what eyestrain or headache is?

happy to share two cases operated (total hip replacement) by me. almost Major steps and implant placement. nice experience it attracts me toward the field of joint replacement surgery. then started a leg pulling session by juniors and seniors. "history of orthopaedics in aiims, first to do independent replacement and what all" any way you all deserve a grand treat. promised.. any way it was the boss who blessed me and i could operate. yes during residency no one has done but nothing like no one can. dear all i am one amongst you given a chance you all can and better than me..

was constantly asking why i have changed my sleeping habit. its crazy.. started sleeping in installment. 4-7 am and 6-8 pm.. not able to find out what the benefit is. good news is less no of coffee cups these days: a big full stop to my black teeth,and bye to the artificial alertness too.

comparatively i was in peace. the main motive in my life. thanks dad, i bend my whole spine( though i have a defective bone and it hurts ; you know it) to touch your legs for infusing the motive of life and meditation in my blood, see it's red and fresh like yours...

there are lot things this week. what prevents me is my typing speed. i am a typewriter chap, hey YOU..had the courier been free i would have sent this laptop back to you. i still prefer desktop.

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