Monday, March 10, 2008

Days are over...

Days are over.... The full 10 days i was enjyoing my independence, did whatever i like, slept till there was a danger of bed sore, and studied once again as if i was preparing for post graduation entrance. Tomorrow onwards i will join my duty. What makes me sad is; again i have to be a super obedient machine at the receiving end. A duty, i would rather not like to do. privided, it was not giving me a MS degree. Since last three years i am working for whoever and whatever that i was not suppose to and... meant too. Bloody expliot me for another couple of months. I don,t mind. rather i won,t retaliate. Then comes a day to every dog and so on..

I know many things are going on the department. Many owly claws are beeing active to capture residents as they always fear we going out of their greedy claws. Guys were caught for not writing pages and pages of craps in the so called Patients File- The Ass Saving Messile for the oldies. I still dont understand by writing such crazy craps how they can save their inevitible explosion. Is not it their delusion? If they are headed to the court they can be striped any time. And it's not our duty to save their balls. We are ready to but the working environment and academic needs to be redefined.

What ever i am at the verge of saving my life once again. My residency ( rape-dency my own definition) is coming to an end provided they give me a big kick at the back and pass me.

Once again i will embark upon my white lapcoat and present in the rounds. Needs clean shaven and polished shoes. Which i hate both of the things. humm.. I am not a protype doctor of their definition. Few grand rounds (5 fridays and 5 tuesdays), equal radio conferences, few classes and clinics. Then comes my independence again. a lost one,,,, better robbed one. I know i am an obedient freak who thinks twice before crossing boundaries of law; either social or ethical, still it's difficult to be under constant threat of somebody's egostic regulations. Is not it a duties directed to egocentricity or responsibility curtailed to hiererchy? I think both. oldies failed to perform their duties.

An exhausted mind and body needs rest. Let's put a cross mark in the count down calender. one day less in geting rid from a medical jail called - residency...good night.

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