Friday, March 21, 2008

I am confused.. i am on the highway to hell....exam sucks...

another day ends. i was going through a blog and found similar expression. thought a similar victim of similar species callled a doctor. no regrets or objections for being a doctor. its by choice not by chance at all. i did a good job and left the piloting course immediately after i joined after 10th standard. a flying driver says my mom. but pilot has similar responsibility as far as life is concerned. a driver of a flying coffin suits better.

any way another day ends here in my life. nothing interesting. same routine as if "mullah ki daud masjid tak"

preparing for exam. there were hundreeds of exams in my life. i never was worried for exam as i am today. i desperately used to wait for exams in school days. reason-- there used to be long holidays and i could sleep well. sleeping is my hobby or weakess i still cannot figure it out. what ever ! its a reversible death i guess. be cool and keep breating..

few words more...studies should be my priorities as usual. ummm what rest i did in life apart from it?????? A million dollar question..

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