Thursday, July 19, 2007

thesis progress....

Feeling a bit relief. Imagine you found a public toilet in the mid market which you were searching like a hell since last two hours after finishing a full bottle of mineral water. Compare your face before and after going inside. This is a real pleasure i should say. Got a leave for few days . Instead of going home and wasting i am utilising it to finish my these. So is not it a comparable event.

Thesis is going on. I understood what is to be done and how to proceed. All charts and diagram are now used to . The horrible proforma i had made during protocol submission, i realise it was more than what i understood that time. Guess a newly joined guy in the department gets a thesis topic. He has no time sucking blood and getting the patient fit for surgery. How can he be able to study and give a good outline to a thesis. Any way i have come into a track.

If things go in the right track its a matter of next seven days i think. Its progress is not linear its exponential i should say. Rest is nothing great.

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