Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thesis - The Pain

I have to submit my thesis soon. Probably, by the end of November. Till few days back it was lying some where I had not seen. We did not have mid term presentation. Our department is concerned to cut cut and cut, nothing else. Nobody would ask what is going on in our thesis part.

I was really worried how to finish thesis. What to write. How to gather information. Sleep disturbance was a common behavior since last few days. I started dreaming thesis with sleep disturbance. “The incomplete thesis and my struggle to get it signed.”

Since few days I am involved in it. I am fighting hard. Lot may works have been done. Now I can at least sleep peacefully. I think I have ample of time to complete it. Lot of papers I collected. Studied how to proceed my thesis. Master chart and statistics. I think I can finish it by next month.

Watery eyes, heaviness over back of my neck, hungry stomach. this is all thesis work in computer. I found difficult to work for longer time in laptop. And I have no option.

Guess I need a break.

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