Friday, July 27, 2007

I can give headache to aspirin.

finished the book complications. i found the book superb. but what happened after that book is more than i can say.

light was not sufficient in my room. still i struggled hard to finish it . wake up whole night result was terrible headache since morning. i think i need to take rest . i have to give rest to my ciliary muscle which were tired of focussing inspite of bad light.

similar headache was long back as far as i remember. won't settle with analgesics. its all just because of my astigmatism.. sucks this astigmatism. .

slept for a while. no change in the magnitude of my headache. took diazepam and slept. bit relieved. learnt a lesson "dont strain your body for a mere satisfaction" what would happen if not i had finished last night. people learn from their mistakes. but how long?

got a long mail from ZENU. hostel life, performance anxiety, and homesick must be the problem to her. dotn worry everything will be alright. you are not too far from home and family. every week you can meet them.

i think i need to talk to her. will call her tomorrow.

need to sleep now.

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