Monday, July 16, 2007

Enter theatre at 9 am after ward round. No break fast as I was late to wake up. As usual I slept late wake up late. What is new?

Starving theatre. Dehydrating too; these days air conditioner is not working. I hate lead apron. Once you wear it, shoulder pain dehydration and what not.

One case after another. Junior most has to run for everything. Bloody nobody consider for us. No break for ship of water. Forget about tea or coffee. Till 7 pm I was in theatre. Now difficult to decide. Very hungry , either go for dinner or snacks. Too early or too late for both.

Needless to complain. Who will listen you? Degree makes you cry beg and everything u can imagine or think.

Still remember that cute child. Who died yesterday. Who was known to me since last few days and under chemotherapy. God may his soul rest in peace.

Planning to study few pages from the text today.

Feeling happy, watched the documentary/movie by Michael moore – sicko.
All about American health policy. And scientific cheating by the us health insurance company. Any way it was great.

Nothing left to write , cause nothing is new to me . with a same boring routine what new can be expected.

Tomorrow I have 24 hours duty. Has to sleep early. Saturday night people will booze and come with fall and bike accident. Tortute to few hours sleep. So I don’t like Saturday duty. Day time will be cool but all of a sudden night time will be busy.

Interesting event was a call from a fren. A fren from school days. Whom I used to talk very less. But after school days she turned to be a good fren.she used to be regular with emails. “ any plan to get married ? is there someone u have searched ? oh god again pressure from colleague too.

I am tired of explaining the things. No time, no money, no girl frens, no tension. My life is unidirectional once I joined residency.

Please forgive me if I had been rude enough to explain you. And extremely sorry if she would been you relative. But this is my situation and I must explain it. I really don’t have time .

no more blog. Its time to study.

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