Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Don’t know what is happening with my fingers. Pain of unknown origin started from right index finger and slowly has involved the index ginger of another side. The proximal and distal both joints along with metacarpophalangeal joints cry with severe pain. Pain starts early in the morning and is associated with stiffness. Slowly my shoulder joints started crying. Don’t know what is happening??????

The stiffness was even associated with mild swelling of the small joints of hand. Till now there is no other joint pain. Back stiffness was there since long. Nearly 15 years. The listhesis is another worry but the stable nature gives me a relief. But the pain and stiffness I can correlate well with SSA. I don’t know is it another entity or associated with the joint pain of recent origin. I am confused and really worried. More than me, a little plastic surgeon growing inside me, is crying. God how can I fulfill my dream of becoming a plastic surgeon.

More than that the culprit may be psoriasis. The skin lesion is not flared up till now and the sudden association of psoriatic arthropathy like pain is my concern. If it’s psoriatic arthropathy, I consider myself like my hands are amputated. A surgeon and psoriatic arthropathy. Ha ha life treats you the way God likes not the way you love and expect. But whatever happens, happens for the best and accept it.

It’s better to wait for the tests and wait till I can take a deep breath. Its not relieved at all. Mild conscious pain is there in spite of analgesics coverage. Really clue less what is going to happen next. Wait and watch………..

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