Friday, July 11, 2008

On a way to delhi..

I am extremely sorry if I am harsh and rude…….

The day, 03.07.08, I left for kathmandu was memorable. Travel agent forgot to write my name in air ticket and it led me to an enquiry by security. I could easily handle the situation that I just disappeared for minutes and asked the security to find me the office for the same airlines. About 15 min later I came with my name in ticket. I know how to copy handwriting and signature. Though I don’t misuse it and no one is the victim till date.

I wrote my name in the ticket in the similar handwriting. And just solved the problem in minutes. I was inside the airport with in no time. But the big hassle was to wait for the check in. Since my flight was delayed they did not allowed us to check in and get the boarding pass. I don’t know the reason why they were reluctant for not getting us in. It’s better for the airport security. The more one spends time inside, the more one finds the loop holes. But imagine our condition. Flight is delayed for 7 hours and we were forced to stay in side airport carrying luggage and stuffs. Had our check in been done we would have waited inside in a comfortable position. It reminds me the bus stand and waiting for the driver to come who was drunk last night and is yet to reach to start the journey. As per the regulations nothing was provided not even the information. We were informed at 11 o clock that flight is delayed that too verbal. One gentle man came and told in HINGLISH (partly English and partly hindi). I thought it’s no use to open mouth to those who falls in the category who does not deserve to discuss the issue. Is it the issue that a security should come and inform where are the other personnel, who are paid in handsome amount and still sleeping giving a damn care to the passenger? Any way I landed in kathmandu at 5 with the pride in the cosmic crews that they were kind to us that they landed us in kathmandu.

What I thought is the country is in deep coma and a big loss, so the contribution of 7 hours and hassle in my personal level is nothing as compared to the condition the country is getting in. But the issues is not the flight delay, issue is the hopeless and preventable matter that is not taken care of. Nobody has right to kill our precious time. If time is not important in business of airline sector definitely time is life, duty, honesty, promise, money and everything in my profession, where a life struggles with in fraction of second. Or is it the price I am paying for being the true country lover. Is it the price I am paying for promoting the national airlines? For me money matters not and I can approach to get the ticket of other airlines in spite of their tight unavailability.

Once again I thought of trying the same airlines to get back to Delhi. It’s my final and last promise not to promote the national airlines. I am ready to travel by any XYZ airlines. My first criterion to exclude the airlines is the national airlines in any route. I am once fooled and if you are fooled twice its time, you have to reconsider your ideas. I believe this and this holds true to everyone.

Today, 10th July my ticket shows the departure times 7:05 am. And a red stamp shows reach airport 2 hours before the departure time. Interesting thing is our airport is like a cinema hall. People have to wait for 6 am to enter. It’s a new and its own kind of international airport where we are bound to wait to enter for the door to open. Reached at 5:10 and was made to wait to open the door. Heck! What is this? Why not to start the flight time after 8 am when your door starts opening at 6 am? So is not it the idiocy proven self in front of the international tourists.

Was there in queue with luggage and wasted almost 2 hours. The holy gate was opened at 6:15 am. The security presented them as if they are the flight crews. The time where energetic youth were heading to Dubai and Quatar, it was a nice time pass. Everybody was busy knitting their own dream. Who cares about the 2 hours delay, who has already left the train of life long time back and just waiting in the station for the another train to come and pick them up. After one and half hour in queue I reached to the gate gunned by security. He says cosmic is delayed and go that side, the other building where the office of cosmic is. Any way I am helpless, I am paying enough to get embarrassed, hurt, and an early morning I am cursing somebody, the time I need to pray for god. Who is responsible for my bad mood? Officer! I paid for your ticket the amount you asked but do you dare to pay my loss. The charges of surgery I perform the loss I bear for not reaching in time and will you answer my patient for why I am late? Would you mind to say sorry?

I marched towards the security of the gate where cosmic office is. How funny was the guy who just says there is nobody in cosmic’s office? You wait here till 11. Dumboo! Who has given you power to say so, without knowing the truth. You are paid for your duty and you failed to perform it.

Any way I entered the cosmic office and showed my frustration. My concern is if you have rescheduled the flight why not to put a written notice in the entrance so that one can manage his time. And today I came to know that same is the condition since long.

Moral of the story cosmic taught to me is “ DES BHAKTA HUNU AFNO LAGI HANIKARAK CHA”

(This is what I wrote in my stay in cosmic office. Thanks for giving me an opportunity by delaying the flight. All passenger wasted time in the airport talking about country and its fate, but I am concerned with cosmic’s fate. I love cosmic so I wrote it; else I don’t care and can travel in any airline I wish to. Please officer you are free to write me. Any way the improvised and edited portion of this will be published in national newspaper soon. Anticipating your response, thanking you in advance.)

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