Wednesday, July 02, 2008

hello kathmandu...

An unexpected call broke the silence in my room. I forgot to change the cell profile to silent, so was forced to get up from bed early. I am tired to receive unnecessary call. I can but don’t want to switch off the cell because no one knows the real emergency in spite of you not being on call. Imagine early morning a call from my earlier thesis patient and asking when to come for follow up. Idiot! I have well written when to come for next follow up, considering the summer vacation of consultant in advance. I don’t want to put them in trouble so receive the call it doesn’t mean u give a call any time u want. I can consider the late night calls but early morning calls are a real NO NO to me, that too moron why would you want me to give a surprised first ever call from the PCO, is it that necessary to call me from PCO so early when I am getting ready to sleep. Stupid he was informing me that he got the ticket reserved for next month and just wants to say that he is coming. God save me from such idiot so called my thesis patients.

Day was as usual. I went late to OT. But was not in the mood of operating or assisting. So opened my computer and started playing with my books. In between was rewarded with the typical clerical job. Laxman check this presentation and refine it. What!!!! is this? Truth is the useless presentation needs to be remade and one presentation means 3 days minimum. You need to study extensively about it and only then the presentation can be made. Tired of this stupid work cheating and responsibility putting forward hierarchy especially to those who says YES OK even in extremes. I am as usual the victim of it.

I am writing those craps for someone who will deliver lecture in front of similar species and will be boasted with nose flaring attire. Since yesterday I was fighting preparing my resume. The self selling few pages crap filled with the so called best or the best of what so ever of worst even. So I am scared to write the best out of me. So I will try to manage with the few else it looks like advertisement to get the job which I hate. No need to sell myself that I deserve for. Sooner or later I get what I deserve. I am not even obsessed with to make the things happen that is not in my part. So God give me some that I can take care of. Else I will pamper with what I am not meant for.

Excited to be in home on 3rd. it’s almost 2 years I have not been to my place. What this hostel life gave me is a degree of MS, apart from this I am a looser in all aspect. I forgot many of the familiar faces in the family, many of them left to be in heaven, many kids are grown up, many are married and many are adding population amidst their own insecurity. Left home with the beautiful silky hair, shining skin, furry beard, and under weight to my age, don’t know how the things changed in life. The complete stressful days and night though you have exam or not. Single stretch back paining exam preparation, callosity underneath the ischium bone, continuously opened books and markers though you feel like studying or not and frequent visit to tea stroll landed me alone in such a pitiful condition. Continuous mental and physical stress for years and years weakens anyone and I am not the exception. never forget to mention those tones of potatoes, quintals of tomatoes, trucks full of bread, similar amount of rice and few kilos of green vegetables and few milligrams of my favorite vegetables; declares me the under nutritioned species though how healthy I look. Whatever I am not asking for the return for what I have done. If at all I have to ask will ask for a peaceful life, far from politics and interference from those who are incapable of.

The typical day planner has come to an end with most of the works getting cross marked. Only hassle is getting the no objection and clearance from some 40 places that I have never been and seen too. Will finish few more tomorrow. Is not it too late to stay alive.

Good night Katmandu, feel me the way you used to feel me some 9 years back. Yes! Again I am falling into your lap soon. kiss me till my cheeks starts bleeding, lips starts swelling, cause the state of homesickness has cyanosed my body as if I have no blood inside. Accept me my home, welcome me my garden, and don’t bark at me my puchhu. And…. and smile my family..

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