Sunday, July 13, 2008


Slept till late morning. What is new in it? Same routine since last few months. Planner was almost like previous day cause i am lazy these days. Finished few works and few left for tomorrow. Imagine how lazy i am!

Any way i have to finish rest of the works by tomorrow, and study? Don't know what i am doing these days. Must finish those books that i have planned to finish. and when to arragne books, god only knows. when to write those artticle that i have collected?

Am i on the plateau phase or lag phase of my study? Cant decide but i need to come to log phase soon.

Index finger hurts to much, why? mouse? typing? no more computer for few days.

Tired, fraustrated, depressed, monotony, anhedonia, no no no. then what? May be tired.

So what for i am playing with computer, better sleep now...
gud night.

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