Friday, June 01, 2007

sleep deprivation.

cannot explain the experience of sleeping , especially early morning after 6 am. feel like sleeping hours more by the time tring tring says the alarm clock. sometimes feel like throwing the table clock but fault lies not in it.

since last few days not getting adequate time to sleep. headache and yawning has become my regular features. slow reflexes and low concentration level all must be telling something to me. but how can i explain?

i forgot when i last took the hypnotics. may be in the final of my MBBS exams.. time was horrible when i was appearing the final paper of university exam. oh past is dead past no use talking about it. but now i want to sleep but i have no time. how long can i sustain with sleep deprivation. i really need a break.

dont feel like writing blog also. my blog doesnot look like blog rather. how can it be like blog . i am a biologic machine has fix work fix routine. events are same . then what to write. really DONNO WAHT TO WRITE .PERFECTLY SUITS MY BLOG TITLE.

let me sleep 4 hours please.

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Coffee Addict said...

Hmm. Hope you are feeling better. I almost screamed at my (*should be more understanding) housemates today (they are fellow interns) for banging down my door and waking me up to 'move my car' at 11:30pm. I ended up screaming "F^^^ F^^^ F^^^" to myself in my room in frustration. This is not normal for me. I am too freaking tired. I am not sane anymore.

I fell asleep in my room with the lights on which is probably why they thought it was OK to bang on my door non-stop. I didn't even bother to shower or change clothes. Finally got to come home 5:30pm today. Shit. Now I can't sleep. Need to wake up at 5am.

What to do, I think I will call in sick tomorrow. Want to strangle my housemate. Tolerance is so low. I have become an angry woman.