Tuesday, June 19, 2007


When I was an undergraduate pharyngitis was a real trouble for me. Almost every 3rd month I used to go for ENT check up. My consultant in medical school knew me very well. Every time same treatment with antibiotic coverage to prevent secondary infection. Was it allergic or infective? Always been a dilemma. I continued for almost 6 years with same problem.

I changed the place, came for post graduation and I was waiting for first 3rd month to find out ENT consultant to make him a good friend as usual. But there was no problem at al . I waited for next 3rd months and several more months but there was no symptoms. I thought I was relieved. It’s been 2 years I am absolutely fine. No more antibiotics. No more decongestants, No steam inhalation, nothing.

May be it was allergic. But I don’t know what I was allergic with. God knows. But I am happy that I am disease free.

Oh yes. Tomorrow we don’t have regular theatre. No headache going at 8 AM. No more standing. No more retractors haaaaa haaaa.

Time to listen my small radio. Lets go….

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