Friday, June 22, 2007

got a mail from fren. read or not to read?

Height of Honesty - A pregnant woman asking the bus conductor for one & a half ticket.
Height of Confusion - Two earthworms making love in a bowl of noodles.
Height of pain - A monkey sliding down a knife’s edge using balls as his brakes.
Height of Foolishness - A guy peeping thru’ the keyhole of a glass door.
Height of Itch - A fat man hanging (upside down) from a roof trying to scratch his balls.
Height of Innocence - A teenager girl applying Clearsil to her nipples thinking them as pimples.
Height of Unemployment - Cobwebs in prostitute’s cunt.
Height of Competition-.A guy peeing beside a waterfall.A topless lady standing near mount everest.
Height of Bravery: A naked man bending over to pick up a quarter on an island of gays.
Height of Disgustion: While wiping after a good toilet dump, your finger pokes through the paper.
Height of Technology: Condom with zip.
Height of Penetration: A baby girl born pregnant.
Height of Darkness: A negro searching for his penis in a dark room.
Height of fashion: A female applying LipStick to her vertical Lips.
Height of patience: A female lying naked under a banana tree and hoping for banana to fall in the right place.
Height of coincidence: And the banana falling in
HEIGHT OF PAIN: the whole banana bunch falls down..
Height of salesmanship: Monkey selling bananas
Height of laziness: A man marrying a pregnant woman
Height of coincidence: My Mother and Father got married on the same day, same time.
Height of Frustration: A boxer trying to scratch his balls.
Height of Trouble: A one handed man hanging from a cliff and his arse is itching.
Height of Noise: Two Skeletons having sex on a tin roof
Height of patriotism - Gandhiji using khadi condoms
Height of heights - a man shitting on Mt. Everest to make it two inches taller
Height of Laziness: A naked man lying over a naked woman and waiting for an earth quake
Height of patience - a naked man sitting on d beach after shitting n waiting for d tsunami to clean his ass…
Height of sophistication: sucking nipples with a straw.
Height of fashion: Baggy condoms.
Height of poverty:An woman stitching condoms for husband.
Height of patience:A man standing in queue to fuck his own wife.
Height of frustration: Sex with aishwarya is on sale for 100 Rs. and you have 99 rupees and 90 paisas only..

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