Friday, June 15, 2007


It’s been so long I have not turned on my computer. 7 days; I should say. May be God knows the reason why? and so am I ! Hot summer of Delhi.

Scorching sun, dry and heated fields, mirage making roads, and of course my room- not less than a woven. Yes I am a summer refugee.

Student life of a poor resident. People don’t feel pity upon me. I don’t need a sympathy But empathy if u can. If not let it be. I am happy. Heart says keep on moving. Brain says no more journeys now.

They say “this summer is the worst summer ever and son who died was the best son I had” I am feeling this summer a horrible summer. I am tired of washing clothes. Don’t remind me I am taking bath two times which has never been an easy task for me. Still I have to manage till the summer goes.

Poor resident is proud and happy, still not using a credit card. No bank loans, not funded by any one. What more do I need. As usual I am happy.

Let’s come to the point. I was accommodated in my juniors room cause he has a lovely air conditioner. I even thought of buying an AC but my mind comes to a halt before checking my bank account. Hands feel warm and shaky. Foot feels temperate and heavy. So I don’t go to the bank even. Any way this is my last summer in Delhi.

Next year if things go right and in my favor who knows I will be in my heaven. Small country small people but simply living big hearted people. The country of Everest and Maoist too. The country of dying king but not a single good one to rule it. Oh god! my Nepal.

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