Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am going to finish my 2 ND year residency. next year i will be appearing for the exam. it really sucks me remembering the system of examination. concerned to find out what we don't know rather than what we know. A multipurpose worker is a resident in medical institution in Asia. get any sort of bloody shit work, utilise at the max, exploit till the end, rag at the most, and the harass till shamingly bluish. cant forget even if try to forget. regret sometimes being a medical student. everybody has the potential to excel. god knows the future .

till this month i was working in the department like a manual labourer. used to follow what they say. being serious for duty and work . reward is more work. more work less time to study, if get time to study there are various problems in this age. life is not like a machine finish work come to room and start studying. cant imagine how people can scold- you don't know this much. this is basic don't know this simple? this makes me feel low.

i can accept critics but not criticism and allegation cause we are not the criminal. lets maintain the dignity of profession. fail me if i don't know what you think is basic. all basic for you is not basic for other and out of all basic all cannot be memorised. this medical science is vast there is no limit of knowledge and limit of basic is unlimited. bloody one hour exam cannot access anybody. there is fault in your system. in a teaching institute like this if performance of all residents is low its your responsibility, you are failed not us.

but i need to think again. no more work now. save time and involve in reading. hope till exam i can answer few of the basics.

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