Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pulse 2007

Neither I am a good doctor nor a good writer. I am in a process of being a good doctor, being trained for that but I guess I can never be a good writer. Don’t want to hurt myself for not being a good writer too.

Either my patient or my pen only one can survive at once. Since I joined medical school my pen has shrunken down. Nearly cachetic, just like a cancer patient, waiting for a death. I want to write but what makes me stop I don’t know. I am not a literature student nor a journalist but I want to write.

Last week was a medi- fest in AIIMS called PULSE. Aspiring medi- kids gathered to their makka from 17- 22. Seeing them I concluded few of the things

Doctors are not only the book worms

They are damn good player also

Can sing and dance like professional

Can walk onto ramp, both body and beauty conscious

Surprisingly beautiful girls are becoming doctor unlike what I used to see during my medical school.

Sorry to say surprisingly beautiful I compare it with my student life. Boys used to select whom to see and follow. But now situation is reverse whom not to see.

Equally beautiful smart and really handsome girls are becommig doctors. It’s a change of time and trend {hey what I am writing is nothing very professional, don’t mean I am serious)

More than AIIMS pulse was my own pulse. AIIMS pulse was bounding and so as my own pulse . I had seminar right after pulse and I was not prepared. Infact I started late and I had to devote almost 6–7 night ( that too all pulse nights). Imagine young doctors are dancing and I was preparing seminar, searching journal, reading in library was damn difficult for me during pulse. But I had no option. I knew that pulse is there still I did not prepare the seminar beforehand. Any way I am a last moment guy. Whether be an exam, seminar or what ever.

The day I finished my seminar I felt so light headedness. For me to sleep was never a problem. It’s a matter of 5 minutes. But that day it took half an hour to sleep. I was really feeling relieved.

What I learnt last month is “Eat and shit at earliest free minutes in residency.” These days I am regular in meals. Buy hunger pains, buy peptic ulcer.

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