Saturday, October 06, 2007

Post Pulse Depression ( PPD)

post pulse depression or ppd is a term frequently heard in aiims arena after pulse is over. young students from different corners hold their bag in the back, search train ticket and finally weave their hand and say "sianora aiims."

No more songs, no more loud speakers, no more sports and no more couple with hands in hands. AIIMS reverts back to its original forms. Hey guys! where is that charmming face? where is that sporting zeal? where is that so called an aiimsonian energy which makes you different from the rest?

Everyone is back to their mission. still there is something lacking in face. There is less oxygen in blood, a nicotine has still covered the grey matter. hope with passage of time things will be normal and post pulse depression will be setteled as usual years.

In the mean time guys check this video clip from pulse 07.

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