Wednesday, September 05, 2007

last month

I am on duty. Who cares if there are no patients in the casualty? If I stay there they give me hundreds of works. So am I here in my room. Its been almost month I have not written for my dying blog. Its dehydrated I guess. Let’s put a sign of life in it.

Last month was hectic for me. My thesis work was going on and I was little worried. But I completed somehow. Presented in front of Profs in the department. As usual no praise only comments and critics. I am used to it. I know the department and I am living my own way. Any way I have almost done the thesis.

I am thinking of the next seminar on this month. One after another there is always a fear in the deep of my heart. I am a care free prototype, wants to live and love life. Don’t care anyone but still have to live the way my senior or consultants like. I hate it. I am a disciplined creature I like and love it. But I don’t want to be pressurized always. Bloody let me live my own way. Seems not possible till I come out of this institute.

Don’t know when I will get the call again. But till then let me enjoy my craps. This month I watched 2 movies. the most in number in my previous months ever. That too in the theater anyway it was a nice one.

A documentary or movie what ever “blue umbrella” I loved it. Reminds me at back home. The greenery, low terrain and similar dress up almost gave a feeling of being in kathmandu.

Worth to mention was I was hooked in the internet last month. Got a site to download some medical books. And downloaded almost all the orthopaedics books. This was the most interesting and satisfying work I did since I paid for the internet. Otherwise net for me was to chat back home and with few of my friends. The site was of great help for those who cannot pay for costlier books. And especially for a poor student like me. Who no where in this world is working for free in residency in a country called India. A live example of human labor exploitation in this earth.

Rest of the things are fine. Missed few of the nights without sleep. Meet few interesting people. Treated few of the patients and so on. Worth mentioning was an operation for the 10 year child. I did the complete surgery for that child. And it was no less than what my senior could do. So give me the chance I can give you the result. Bloody don’t consider us as an educated clerks. We can be a good surgeon in the coming years. If things are written in our destiny nobody can stop it whether you be a senior resident or a consultant. What happens, happens for the best in life.

Pager beeps.

Tring tring . contact casualty.

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