Sunday, March 30, 2014

The status update...

I left the place where i was working in July 2012. I left for the good cause. I thought i need to train myself. I also planned to learn from the people who deserve to train. After all, I landed in delhi again for six months. Delhi is the nearest station which never made me anxious while traveling. I have been more than 50 times to delhi and the journey continues. I have good memories, i have bad memories of Delhi but still i love to talk about good and i am going to delhi for good reason once again. I joined Medanta as a clinical fellow in hand and upper extremity surgery with my boss Dr VG.

While i was in delhi i had an opportunity to present my research paper in Dubai. Anshu was always interested to visit Dubai as she has lot of school friends from Dubai.  We managed to visit Abu Dhabi with a mexican couple who were married 25 years back in dubai. I had an opportunity to meet Dr Chitaranjan Ranawat, a famous US surgeon whom i wanted to meet once in my life time in Dubai conference.   Indeed Dubai was a good vacation for both of us.  Anshu flew to Kathmandu and i continued with Medanta. There was no reason to be sad in delhi for entire fellowship. Finally days were close to leave delhi. I had three option in my hand. First was to join malaysian MSU from March 2013. I left MSU idea because the minimum contract period was 2 years. Salary was nice and in fact it offered job for both of us with good package. Second was Medanta. Chairman and the AD offered me a consultant post. It was lucrative but this again was going to separate us. Anshu had no license to work in India. After all she is a gynecologist and why should she suffer her career for me. Third was to join singapore fellowship. International orthopaedic society had selected me for a six months fellowship in singapore. So i opted a third one. It was a good decision.

Came back to Kathmandu in Feb 13. Was not in a mood to continue previous hospital where moron and idiot were in dozens. Was interested to join hospital for a short period as i had to leave for singapore in next 4 months. Had talk with various hospitals, but i found reasonable to join Sumeru.

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