Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am back here again. When I feel like I need to talk to self I quietly login to the page. And this time I logged into this page after several months with some noise. I forgot the password and struggled for hours for R&D.

Was upset for hours because my work station was loudly infiltrated by a colleague of ours. Doctors are behaving as if they are the leaders first. I would have discussed with the colleagues where I was joining. I would have asked if my presence would feel them comfort or not. At least a courtesy visit or a call would have made this job simple to those who wish to join with us. I also know who is the man behind this. Let the time come we will make a good dissection on it after all i too am a surgeon who cuts layer by layer to reach the target.

Of course we need the person to work with us. That does not mean that boss can call someone and give the appointment. By now we know the boss too, whose' puppet is he! I don't want to discuss with boss what he did he can justify or not. I don't want to stretch it as it matters less to me. I know what the would be colleague of mine posses and what he is up to. I also know what way I differ to them.

After a series of 25 publications in last 3 years in various journals I felt I am tired writing papers. This is the right time I need to learn some things from my Profs. Happily going for a fellowship. In fact a break from the hell politics in our hospital. The political turmoil will hopefully downrate boss's mania till I join next time.

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